Slab Hut Creek claim for sale - No. 60359

But…But…But… I only asked what the price was, so we could look at maybe looking along the lines of a group claim.

We will travel from Rotorua more often for something like this. Maybe the stake owners have free access for the duration,

then others like us, there must be others, who would pay the running costs per year.

Then the third level pay per visit.

Hey guys,firstly congrads to ophion for having the balls to hit the" buy now" on this claim deal this arvo,good effort,I talked with him tonight,he’s a mad keen paydirt member which is good and sounds like a top bloke.
Sounds like there is a chance I maybe be able to go in with him on the claim as a shareholder in some capacity which is great and some of the other interested parties that have expressed their support funding this claim purchase over the last day or so have since PM him also.
So to anyone else that feels a little bummed out on missing this claim today I suggest you do try message him and plead your case to be included as a partner especially if you can bring something to the table such as expertise or local knowledge,epuipment,transport etc.He can only say no… worth a crack!

Running around today ringing and messaging interested parties trying to scrap up the required coin made me realize that this in fact not a very good way of going about obtaining a group claim in the future.

I think maybe a better way to go about this would be to collectively get as many people as we could to all comitt to a pre agreed amount each ready to go to purchase a long term claim as they come up, say 10 or 15 people at a $1000 for example who would all then split yearly fee between them each year.
That way your not pressured into making any rush decisions and could spend time researching the area and picking the brains of other paydirt forum members who have local knowledge of the area.
Logistically also co ordinating so many people registered on the same claim,who handles the money,the admin,public liability insurance for multiple people under the one claim would have to be under a combined partnership type structure,who organizes that,maybe the person/s who does all the donkey work gets their share heavily discounted or free,someone perhaps who has experience in this field.
Some might only go to the claim once or twice a year while others every other weekend,hows that made fair?
Maybe ideal claims could be purchased and then we lobby DOC to turn it into a Public Fossicking area??
Anyway its late and my brain hurts…think I’ll doze off dreaming of nice flakey slab hut creek gold…zzzzzzz


Hey Mal

Nice Comment and very well thought out, and some valid points. Thanks Pal


P.S meeting some one in Picton for a quick chit chat, then to Reefton to meet the Claim owners then a coffee with stampX. Have had great conversations with four people so far all very Informative and very helpful as I’m totally new to this, thanks again to everyone.

Brett(Pereti) Wallace (OPHION)

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I am keen to be a part of this Brett and am willing to front up some cash. I have been looking for a claim to work and this looks perfect. I am retiring from work soon and plan to spend a lot of time with my river sluice gold mining. I have no experience dredging but have a mechanical background and can figure things out quickly.

I tried to send you a PM twice and both times they disappeared into cyberspace so could you please PM me Brett.
I would like to talk with you and discuss options and what your plans are for the claim.

Cheers Ken.

Hey Cleggie will contact you when I have time, apologies for not responding earlier I think I have your cell

Congratz to you all, if you become a share holder you will now have ur own slice of paradise to play in.

Best of luck up there. Hope it works out well for you :wink:

thanks buddy steep learning curve but I’ve gotta dive in

from the 4wd track 1 hour to walk in 1+hours to walk out, couldn’t wait to hit the hay on my first day


so wish I could ride this thing down the river


Nice one Ophion, let us know how you progress, very jealous!

Yes and we want to see pics of the gold :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hey Ophion with that dredge you’ve got they are real good on the fine gold with the 3 stage box in them aye. Im not sure if you realize but there is a mod Keene sells to increase fine gold recovery better and allow more water into underflow of sluice particularly if your into heavy black sand areas. What you can get is a woven wire mesh to replace the punch plate between the top stage and the underflow. Really helps in fine gold recovery aye.

Dan from DredgeNZ sells them and there pretty cheap and well worth or you can make your own using 3mm woven wire.

If you want any advice on setting up your box flick me a PM


congrats …let me know if you want to buy my 2" backpack dredge.

thanks Buddy will look into it

thank will look into it

Brett and I meet up in reefton just before xmas,went down,camped out and checked out the slab hut river claim,beautiful area of native bush.

Brett just after we walked all our gear in and made camp

Creek bed (already dredged me finks!)

Me and Brett giving this dredging caper a go!Ready for our first ever cleanout.

Unfortunately not alot of gold in the shallow gravels but we will be back!
Brett ended up buying a gold monster from Dan and is going to spend the rest of the season onsite swing it around trying to get us on some better patches.
Anyone else out there familiar with this area and has any ideas were to look please feel free to PM me or Brett …cheers!
So hopefully we’ll get on some better gold later in the year,great fun though…I’m hooked!!!


Hi Mel

I spent a bit of time up past the fossicking area (before there was a claim) about 12 years ago found not bad colour in quite a few areas mainly hard to get places, and fine gold through out . Its been a while and i always thougt it would be a great spot to put a claim on . I think if you spend plenty of time with a pan and a small sluice scouting the area you will find great spots to dredge and plenty of spots to miss. I have done bugger all dredging but find it great fun and even if you dont find much its still better than being at work. Im jelous as hell as thats a great part of the coast and i wish you guys the best of luck

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What an awesome read, well done on the claim purchase guys! Sounds like a good deal and a great learning curve ahead :call_me_hand:

good work hop it work out fof yous