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Show us ya Gold!

Nice one mate, great looking bedrock and gold

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Looks good. Might be worth a snipe or some long handle shovelling in the water.

Cheers, definitely want to try some sniping just need to get a wetsuit. Brother has sniped this spot before with no luck, but the flood has opened up new ground to try so i reckon theres more pickers to be found

Finally a nice weather window to get out and have a play :metal:


Saturdays effort for a few hours detecting with the GPX 6000

Sundays result after a bit of a marathon E bike mission to get into a spot. Took the stuffing out of me. :roll_eyes: But it kinda paid off. Wont be quitting my day job though.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


nice one gav good work mate bring on the good weather and new season cant wait…!!

nice one fellow kiwi you inspire me to get out there with my detector good effort mate

Good to see people posting on here. Keeps the fever going. Although I don’t think I will ever be able to get rid of the fever.


Stunning gold mate cant wait til the day I find just one of those

wow thats some impressive looking gold mate . very nice.!!

Should ignite the fever for a few of you. These are between 2 and 4g

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yep sure ignited my fever …thanks for sharing mate to good…!!!

Hi guys and gals,
Good weekend away on the coast.
1.40 grams with the gold monster.
Added a photo of an old timers dam we came across.
Cheers Scott


Hi guy’s. I had not too bad a weekend on the detecting front. Nothing of any size but still good fun finding it.
Friday after work for a few hours

The bigger one was down in this crevice

After I moved a few rocks covering the bed rock.

Saturday afternoon.

Sunday on a bit of an E-Bike mission getting into an area of old timer workings.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Nice work jw! Always good to see some gold

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Cheers Matt. Nothing like some of the size bits you have been sharing. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey guys I Had a go at Louis creek today , right on pack up time i checked my crevice with the gold monster, :ok_hand: heading back tomorrow for another go


And we were disgusted to find this on the walk out .looks like the local dump . There is a House right next to this in the pine forest, but hard to say who is to blame except kiwis in general. Probably why the gate gets locked .

Hey guys n gals Round two became a very interesting day . First 30 seconds I slip an punch a rock.

Soaked and feeling stupid as I persevered. As usual around 2pm I’d had enough after only finding tiny gold , but didn’t give up moving a big rock . Gold monster started singing and under water target . Bloody stoked.


She’s a beauty, what does she weigh?