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Show us ya Gold!

very nice well done mate love those pickers/nuggets

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Sundays result for a days detecting up in the hills of Central Otago.

Biggest bit .45 of a gram, which isn’t very big.

The rest were between .02 & .17 of a gram. 21 bits all up.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Well done! Brightened up my wet covid lock down day.

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Being shut up at home ain’t much fun & as I can’t go detecting grazing the forums & youtube is about all to keep me sane. I thought I would share my Saturdays finds for something to do. Nothing to get really excited about but there are probably many of you in the same boat as me & getting cabin fever.

Two tiny bits & then the battery in my detector went flat. Bugger. I then realised I hadn’t charged it up from my two previous outings when I thought I had after the first of those two. Luckily I hadn’t gone too far from home so no Biggy.

On another note. My youngest son, Aydin, who was the only one of my 4 sons that showed any kind of interest in tagging along with me on gold missions when I lived in the Coromandel area, has moved to Aussie chasing pussy. Was in Brisbane but for some stupid brain fart reason has gone to live in Katherine in the Northern Territory. Has even bought a house there’ :roll_eyes: What has come from this is that he has got into gold detecting. Guess there isn’t much else to do when you drive out of town & surrounded by dessert for untold miles. He didn’t want to spend a fortune on a detector & settled on a Nox 800 & also got the little 6" coil for it. He sent me a text on Sunday to show me his finds.

So he is on the board & knows there is gold out there. :+1:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


When are we going on a holiday!

I honestly have no interest in detecting for gold in Australia. Your place is much more attractive even though it has no gold. Maybe it is the company & the solitude & things that go BANG. :wink:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I aways wanted to have a look over there but more for opal and other mineral specimens.
You are always welcome buddy but ya gotta watch the gay bois apparently.
Yes it’s a change going to spots where theres no gold - it means that you dont overdo it and move big boulders for nothing and you can just concentrate on drinking and things that go bang!

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Hi guys, Saturday I took advantage of the nice spring weather and went up a small local creek to chase some gold. We’ve has a major flood in the district not too long ago and I was hoping for some freshly exposed bedrock to detect. As it happens I only found one small area that had been uncovered. I got a fairly strong signal in this area under about a foot of water in a small bedrock hollow. In short order out popped this beautiful 3.8g nugget. Some sniping in the immediate area produced another 4g or so in about an hour. It’s nice when it’s that easy


beautiful mate well done…!!!

Nice Matt. Way better than my Saturdays effort.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


And the Friday’s

And Thursday’s

And the Saturday’s before

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Amazing; that is beautiful. Very well done!

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Went up the moonlight last weekend. Weather forecast not great but what’s a little bit of rain I thought…
Arrived at Anderson Flat and set up caravan and tent. Spent the afternoon detecting around and found…
gold 2
Weather was great!! until the next day. Woke up in the morning to pouring rain and gale force winds. Winds got worse and worse until we thought about taking tent down, next thing the tent took itself down :frowning:
Packed up tent and decided we should bail as caravan now rocking a bit much for our liking. Drove down road to make sure all open only to find a massive tree over road. Okay, not going anywhere.
Winds were gusting 100kmph but thankfully dropped in afternoon.
Next day rivers all flooded so went up a small creek and found…
gold 3
Had one more day and found another 0.7 grams which my mate has.
Altogether a fun trip if a bit wet. Now to fix the tent!