Searching for claim to pan

Hi all. (Otago region)

I know its probably been asked before but im looking for a claim/land owner that would be happy for me to come and pan/sluice on their land.
Happy to make detailed notes and plot gps coordinates of the finds.

I am looking to get a claim myself at some stage but have only ever been fossicking in the public areas so would like some experience on other ground before donating my 1st born blind.

Interested in information about hobby claims also.

Thank a lot.

hi joe. if you get no takers you can pan in restricted areas on the claim by the danseys pass motor camp for a small fee. you wont get rich but its good experience, easy access and the owner is a really nice guy to deal with. you pay at the motor camp.


Hi Joe

Danny Walker here I have a permit on the Waikaia river not quite Otago but close permit number 53394 you are welcome to pan and sluice on there but no motorised equipment allowed also permits on the upper Clutha numbers 60593, 60299, 60515, these permits are not in my name but Cold Gold Clutha. I control them again no motorised equipment is permitted and you have to get land owners permission if you need to cross private land to get to the river but there are a many public access points to the river.


Hi Danny, do you still allow non motorised prospecting on your other claims, Top of the South


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Yes allow and encourage just no motorised equipment and like to know how you do.


Cheers for the info Guss, ill definitely give it a go when im in the area.
Thanks Danny thats really appreciated. I will let you know how it goes.
Would i be right in assuming a metal detector would not be allowed?
Thanks again for the replies

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Awesome thanks Dan look forward to getting out in wilderness.


Hey there Dan, will come out for a bit of a play over the next day or 2 around your Murch claims, will update on how we do, first time visiting an actual claim so I’m all excited, happy to take the 2 hr drive out for an adventure :+1: (from blenheim) much appreciate the open offer :+1:

I too am looking for somewhere to pan, have tried public areas to no real joy. Was talking to a chap who said there could be someone on here who may be able to accommodate. Timaru based but travel easily. Happy to pay a fee and tidy/respectful of others property. New to it but keen so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Another one looking for a casual panning experience with the kids somewhere Ranfurly/Naseby area or elsewhere if the opportunity arises, thanks for any info!

Hay Danny

Darcy here just a growing older local from the area ,

Curious as the wether you ever made any dredging action or progress from the Canton down…

Walked the area a lot . Impressive landscape

Hi Team,
I am a newbie who has the bug now since visiting the mighty West coast and trying my luck at panning and sluicing at goldsborough and Nelson creek.
I would also like to know if Me and a friend could pan or sluice on somebody’s claim if at all possible?.

This gold bug is definitely hard to shake off lol