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Scratching with the Nox800 for left behind 20th century trash and treasure,NI,NZ

Location Waiorongomai:Had to do this site to cross it off the list,on one of my permissions,I knew it was all iron and little else,(so far) but I had too check ,so no need to open the gate to that paddock again.Old school electric fence standard ,2x horseshoes, rusted shut fencing pliers, odd bits of steel, once I worked out the VDI#s only dug the 20+#.
Settings for this very trashy area,field 1 @ default,all metal,iron bias f2 @4 ,altered the sensitivity a couple of notch’s up and down as well as the iron bias, depending on target tones, but basically stayed on those settings!

Location Te Aroha;Went for a scratch on a old school permy for an hour on my way home from work
1 x 1940ish penny
1x cent
1x 2 cent
and the normal trash
Settings…Park 1 default,sensitivity down to 15,iron bias 6.
After 45 mins of finding trash I discriminated out all VDI #s except,20 to 25 then got the coinage

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Location Whangamata, main beach not a squeak out of the NOx ,clean as a whistle ?? or hammered hard ??? In the stretch I did anyway .Hit the cockle beds and beach for 4 hours,24 cents,brass nuts &tacks,was hard hunting this place
NOX settings Beach 2 @ default, iron bias @0 and all metal setting.

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thanks for the settings. still not sure what I should use and where. know about the gold setting.

@kiwikeith… Dreamyminer posted me this link;Have a read of this from a well respected expert

I mainly detect for coins ,(when not prospecting ) VDI# normally 17-25 (where I am anyway),in all modes,except gold mode, just go default till you figure it out,also refer to manual for area/mode.


Location :abandoned school Te Aroha
4 hour scratch after work tonight, 1950 penny,20c piece, 2c piece, and trash, 4th time I’ve done this area ,just going deeper each time and digging lower numbers each time as well.
Settings:field 1, default, sensitivity 22, iron bias 0 ,all metal. Stay safe friends.

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