Scratching with the Nox800 for left behind 20th century trash and treasure,NI,NZ

I guess it depends on what areas you hunt on and how what numbers human habitation ,occupied the areas , over the last hundred years,the areas I hunt mainly are farm land (old mining areas)and old schools,circa late 1800s - closed down 40 - 50 years ago (approx)

Location …Waiorongomai,lots of iron artifacts in this particular area, best finds were a fob watch and hammer pick +a hand cart axle (fob to far gone to do anything with) definently a area with left behind trash and treasure from the old timers.
Settings …field 1 default no changes.


Hello all been out of circulation for almost a year going on the date of my last post weening myself back into it just got to retrain myself in the use of the nox