Sandflies/mosquitoes mitigation

Greetings one and all, I’m new, though my hat has no mold yet, the rest of me certainly does.

I have what I hope will be a rather useful hat that has fabric that hangs down the back over the shoulders (good for sun burn also) and a permeable fabric face shield, I am hoping this will deter them, I have been to Lyell Creek before and stayed at the DOC camp there (tho I didn’t fossick that time) and I remember them being particularly tenacious.

I have heard tales that detol and baby oil work as a cheap repellent and also talk of using vicks vaporub, I am particularly susceptible to biting insects they seem to go for O- blood types, has anybody had any luck with these concoctions?

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I’ve found that the brown dettol and baby oil works really well.

What sort of ratios?

dettol mixed with diesel , if no diesel you could try petrol just dont stand to close to the fire


Best I’ve found is the tropical strength Aeroguard repellent aerosol. First used it at Port Fitzroy on Gt Barrier Island, my mate used some non-Chernobyl grade stuff and suffered advanced anemia from The Swarm. Everything else I’ve tried is just a marinade to the (I’m also an O)

Been a few years since I saw a Schmoo too… :+1:

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Health post makes a pretty good all natural one I think it’s tee tree based . I use it as I am also o- and they hound me

Tea Tree would be a more pleasant smell.

Yeah I’d much rather lather that on than diesel . No offence Keith :+1:

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I used the normal aerogard at Lyell and you had to just keep applying it every 3 mins or so it was ridiculous.

Man likes his diesel.

I use Off! Insect Repellent Tropical which uses picaridin as the active ingredient, which sounds safer than DEET… though who knows what they’ll say in years to come! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty damn effective… until you wash it off your hands while panning etc.

Has to be the Tropical flavour…

Olive oil and brown dettol half n half is my go to for the coast. Mates have all army grade products and they always end up with the dettol brew.

Dont get it in your eyes or on your knob. You wont like it.


Long sleeves and a head net. Problem solved.


I was all like but how would that happe… oh riiiight.

Thankyou for that, found a good sized one that will allow me to use whatever hat the day calls for, for fairly cheap, on aliexpress.

EDIT: Just noticed you actually get 2 for this price.

Get ancient 12g shotgun and empty out pellets…melt pellets down to make lead stinkers. Load shotgun cases with coarse beach sand. Wait until sand flies and mozzie are in huge concentrations then discharge gun in their direction. Try to best Guinness Book of Records- 2,654,538 mozzies in one blast.
If all else fails use a flame thrower.


but if you use a flame thrower you will burn the wings off the sandflys. they wont be able to fly. so they will now be called sandwalks

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Tablespoon of diesel or kero, take it daily a day or 2 prior to needing it and the lil bastards avoid ya like the plague esp when u start sweating.

fiordland and haast hunting trips I just gulp a mouthfull and it lasts most of the trip, can still smell it in sweat 5 days later.

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