Salty Detectorists Weather Report

Post the latest Storms, Hurricanes, King Tides and other events (wild weather warnings too), they may help shift the beaches for the Detectorists.
[posting before and after pictures of sand washouts is more than welcome]
Could also be handy for fresh water gold finding folks.

We recently had a Supermoon early in December.
This causes both higher and lower tides aka King Tides, peak 1–2 days afterwards.
This may have shifted some sand from your secret beach spot(s), especially if it was in conjunction with rain/storm.

There was another Supermoon on 2-1-2018:

West Coast – 4 January 2018
On the West Coast the King Tide is predicted to peak on Thursday 4 January 2018 at around 12:05PM.

East Coast – 5 January 2018
On the East Coast the King Tide is predicted to peak on Friday 5 January 2018 at around 10:43AM.

Next Supermoon January 31 2018.
This can also be a good chance to get further into the mud at the super low tide :wink:
You might need to get in some extra Zzzz if this occurs during the night.

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Mudwiggle had a good tip.

If you can handle the weather, your detector is water resistant/proof and doesn’t get too much interference (from storm) - get out to the beaches & campsites that have been cleared by the storm.

Before all the other detectorists!

For the most part people are still being warned away from most coasts and rivers. I think it pays to listen with one dead already, there isn’t any hurry, as you well know, most metals seldom move far even in a storm, a prime example is finding almost 100 year old coins on beaches, and the oversight agencies making the warnings are plugged in to more data than you have. However, for those looking to forward their water assessment skills for braving weather or for any reason a river safety course, useful for rivers and somewhat (water dynamics at least) transferable to most water bodies. The tides could make for an interesting time once the warnings are lifted perhaps.

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Agree, don’t go anywhere dangerous.
I was refering to the lower tide and after the worst of the storm had passed.

Probably a good idea to keep your distance from large trees, power poles etc
These things attract lightning and can be blown over.

Good tips, I’m sure you were, but for some randomly reading with new Xmas presents and no club it probably pays to spell it out, from experience it can detract from important response tasks and restoration of infrastructure when emergency workers have to warn people from a waters edge, and that’s not the intention of anyone I think.
Perhaps we will see some of you on one of the courses, so as to safely embolden your searches and to give you the skills to follow your hunches without getting lost or drowned.
I did take a look once the worst had passed at a spot that had just begun yielding NZ legal tender 1920s British currency and sadly that spot is sanded in, with other parts of the harbor KMs away with small cut outs I’m thinking of exploring for the exercise (no high hopes at all), so it was a mixed bag so far that didn’t support the gas to get there.


Tidal Coefficients for 2018 (Red Font is highest tidal variation, e.g. Good time to check the beaches)


More King Tides. Also if you get out around midnight you might be able to catch the Super Blood Moon. It will be red and rather large!

Last night I thought I was seeing a sunrise!

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Heh, doubt anyone will be seeing any eclipse in the North tonight.

You never know, yesterday was very windy, but it settled upon dusk - when I got the shot.

it was just me having a dump on the edge of the road and blaming it on the tourist… caught with my pants down again


Gotta ease off on those Vindaloos :grin:

It was raining and rather overcast, but quite bright, then at 11pm …had a lie down :sleeping: , woke up at 3am and totally missed everything! Though probably would’ve only seen an orangish sky! :rofl:
I only have to live another 19 years to catch the next one.

They got a good view in Rotorua

and Hawkes Bay


Gita predictions look to have NZ landfall a little more south today.
Could get very ugly as there’s a cold blast coming up from the Antarctic about then.

Pencilled in my leave at work already…

Black line is the predicted path (changes regularly as the probabilities start to firm up)

This is from 6Hrs ago

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Look out KiwiKeith, This has targeted your back yard.:star_struck:

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yep sure is . don’t worry keeping a good eye on it . last one was bad enough this one is meant to be worse

Get ready boys and girls!

Northland to be hit zero hundred hours on Tuesday…better double-peg your knickers on the clothesline folks…

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Already booked leave for Tuesday :slight_smile: Some good hefty easterlies lined up with minimal rain at this stage. Models showing Waikato as taking the hit again.

…And there’s another spot growing off the coast to Queensland as well.

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this was the eye of the last one that went right over top of us. the one up queensland has a lot of high level winds driving it. check out earth.nullschool site.Uploading…

Looks like the wind/swells are not going to work for me on this one :frowning: Will still head out looking for wrap-around cuts although have the suspicion it’ll be another non-profit 4Hr drive around the countryside.