Road to Moonlight Creek probably closed May - Aug 2017

Harvesting Work

We wish to advise that for safety reasons the Moonlight Road will be closed to the general public from May 1 for an approx period of four months to allow for the completion of harvesting operations in this area.

Please contact PF Olsen on (03) 768 6424 for further clarification if required.

Moonlight Creek public fossicking area: Permit Map - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking


must be a good crop. lol

Crop of what, Cannabis? :slight_smile:

No you stoners. Pine trees. They were doing logging last time I was there which was about October last year.

JW :slight_smile:

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We were there in feb, the road was newly metalled. Well half way anyway.
Actually found traces of gold in the clay from the banks of the roadworks.

Will be going back, probably too cold up there when it’ closed anyway.

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might not be a bad thing. bound to be a couple of floods in that time. give the streams time to recharge with a bit of the gold stuff.

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Need some Map Coords of that road please, might be worth digging it all back up lol.

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bet there will be a few that sneak in after hours. lol

They put up a padlocked gate up so can’t drive up at night time. I tried going up there a few days ago but was gutted. Maybe they could give out keys with say $50 deposit but very much doubt this.

OSH rules would stop that even if the loggers were ok with it. the fun Nazis

Anyone tried the road up here latley…?

I will try phone them when back in NZ in couple of weeks.

Have fun guys and have fun

hope they have restored the road if they cut it up. seen a few shingle roads turned in to goat tracks by loggers.

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how did you go goldgrab. is the road open and back to original condition

Just seen this message tonight, I havint been up yet but depending on the whitebaiting in Christchurch, could be up there in a week. Will phone the logging co befor heading over that way.

so any news goldgrab

No sorry

Still haven’t been over, the weather is so nice here in chch and looks pretty shit over there.

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hope to get out for the first time this weekend. heading south though. don’t think ill risk the coast

moonlight road open went up about a few weeks ago for a week
rained for 5 days good old coast,road is rough bit overgrown past the bridge


would you get a 2wd car up there in good weather or is it a bit rough. does anyone know who is responsible for maintaining the road

road is rough you can get a car in but be careful lots of rough
surfaces,road is docs problem but they only do a little when needed
be carefull as trees do come down take a chainsaw just in case good luck.

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