Quick sweep on the way home

Another 925 ring and my first cufflink. hardcase ,spoke to a bloke that lives across from the beach he said there was a guy detecting the same spot yesterday


Nice work Chris, :+1:

Bum need 20 characters to reply

nice amount of silver there.

Thanks GP getting harder to find up here but got a spot where local miners played 2up and had boxing matches to hit soon it’s a tricky place to get to so hopefully virgin ground

I hit a paddock on the way home there use to be a school house back in the 30’s alot of junk but happy with 1922 penny and the variety of finds


Slim picking this afternoon managed to get out between thunder storms in our estuary couple of silver’s and coppers


Hi Chris,you did better than me ,only managed one silver this weekend,but now I know not where to go,so back to the research,good luck for your next hunt.

Stopped on the way home at a local hall they have a huge gala every year I’ve had a go there before but after reading advice on these pages decided to have another crack the plastic horse had me stumped till I found the knight. 1934 half penny was quite deep in black sand amazed How it cleaned up with a rag and spit…

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Found myself working out in the wop wops today the cocky came over for a yarn and bla bla bla pointed out a bunch of trees in the middle of the farm apparently his teenage kids had huge parties there I must of found zillion bottle tops then it released a few goodies


Nice ring Chris, you will be pleased you had words with that farmer.:+1:

great ring looks an oldie

Found a pretty neat old tie clip i think from back when we had a team that could win a game or two it’s north Auckland rugby football union anywhere from 1920 to 1989 ?


Found myself working across from an estuary today found a few interesting things


Nice one Chris. Bound to be more there.


Managed to get the 250 out after work found a few bits and pieces …fat as 925 earing $5 and mhmm more sinkers


Cant beat a 250, they are the awesomeist machine.



hi chris whats the kiwi and anchor some sailing club perhaps.

Could be Roy i did a navy search nothing came

Found a cell phone about 4 inches deep in the sand this morning and a few coin spills