Quick sweep on the way home

lets hope it still works nice one

sure did… well after a quick charge,
same conection as my Samsung rang a few of his frequent calls and tracked him down he lost it 3 days ago. He was lucky it was in the dry sand.
have good Christmas Roy look forward seeing your ring collection grow…and mine


Matapouri beach this morning the brass thing is used for whipped cream Or a quick high

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Be careful of that whippet discharger - illegal to possess.
You might be able to flog it off on ebay though.

:+1:will pass on to the police

Spent an hour or so in a old school paddock bit of old and new a 1907 penny and enough legal tender for a couple of beers​:beer::beer:

If you want a matching metal knuckle-bone to start a collection with that one there, I dredged one up the other day. Quite a random find.

Is your dredge in the school pool😂

Might explain the poor gold result that mission!

Quick hunt near the beach this morning


Nice bit of spendable loot.

3 more buckle bones I’ve got a game if I get that one Gavin found I’ve got a south island game