Quartz Reef or not?

Searching for likely places on google earth. Spotted this formation in known gold bearing location. Suspect thats a dusting of snow and not a reflection off rock type. Any opinions out there? And what would i be finding in a place called nugget gully? Just asking. :rofl:



Is there a picutre of the suspected quartz reef? In terms of gold in a gully called Nugget gully, if its in a gold bearing area there is likely to be at least some gold there, but most gullys did contain nuggets so probably not much special about it, although you never know it could be a good spot, would only know from trying it out, I could possibly give you more information if you showed the spot but as with any mining spot you should probably keep it secret :wink: .

Sorry , posted wrong pic! Not my gold, unfortunately. Getting used to this app still. I’ll sort it hopefully soon.

Sorry…dont know where thats coming from. Not an expert.

If it is the nugget gully I am thinking of there may be a reef. But the area is under permit. So unless your just out for a hunt and stumble across it. Might be a good idea to just keep quiet about it.

I worked for a company who did high resolution drone surveys so geologists could look thru the images and find places to prospect. Google earth will not have good enough imagery to be able to do that from home. Only boots on the ground or paying someone to do a survey for you will give you any idea on what your looking at. And if it’s the gully I am thinking of. The google imagery is total crap. There is a few huts about 2km down stream from where that gully flows into the bigger stream. They hardly show up on google. So a reef you can see would be enormous.

I’m not saying there isn’t anything there. But your going to have to get out and find it yourself. While hunting of course.

Yes, points taken. I was just surfing a likely area, saw that outcrop which looked interesting. I’ll check on nzpam for claims in the area. From previous checking it appears most of those old goldfields are claimed by someone. Doesn’t leave much for any casual or weekend folks to have a detect without breaking the law. I’ll post the pic when i figure out what im doing wrong.

Hey that’s bloody good gold…l bet l can identify where it came from! Actually that is my photo so I guess you have got it from my page!


Come on lammerlaw a bit tame someone stealing ya photos get the twenty pounder out or at least a bit of black powder just saying!

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Ya dont believe me - fair go - Hey I never pull legs, I might come close to pulling something close to a leg but never legs - cant get my hand around it!

Go and look at my thread topic ‘Gold - Then and now’ and you will see where Flanders got the photo from! Actually I was just thinking - didnt I used to go Flander spearing in the river when I was a kid?

You’re right GT that was your fine pic i inadvertently posted…a great advert for the monster of gold. Im struggling to post a pic of this fabled reef I’ve seen…probably just a schist outcrop but looks interesting. Anyway the area has claims so that’s that i guess.
By the way, the scow book should be sailing into your letterbox about now. Cheers.

Everyone needs a Monster of gold or should l say a Monster lot of gold. I had forgotten the book! Thanks heaps for that. The gesture wont be forgotten. Oh well l only lost my keys once today and my phone three or four times and didnt read instructions from a daughter so shes abusing me…it ain’t my day. Parcel up a nice woman and send!

Enjoy the book. I’ll be down probably end of january to pick up my gm , which is with a friend in clyde
I’m sussing out places to swing it, hence the googling of earth. Heaps of ground to cover. The search continues. .

We will try to make a date but make it February and you can come and see me. I may be up there on the Coromandel in January or possibly up Northland.

How about a Gold Monster to find a Monster Lot of gold. :slightly_smiling_face:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

My Monster is nearly past the use by date!
Yes I want to find a Monster lot of gold with my Gold Monster this year coming. I am hoping that two places I know of have eroded out…must buy gumboots for mid winter venture - interested?

Hell year… Will we need to break through the ice? :cowboy_hat_face:

Break through the ice - Dina might! No just kidding. I havent got any of that. I will use my whale harpoon gun with suitably heavy iron and steel projectiles.

The mysterious missing photo.

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