Parker's Trail - NZ

The new season has just started and it’s his NZ trip…

Nothing much exciting has happened in the first episode but looks like they’ll be some interesting spots visited. Seems to be some indication he’s diving in water with Great Whites so I’m curious if there’s some exploring around Preservation Inlet.


If i see him I’ll take him for a pan in a public area and see how impressed he is about that lol


If i see him up north might take him a few days to recover lol…
Would be good to meet the man himself. Dig his shows.



Here you go. - YouTube

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Part one. You might like to skip thru the first 20 minutes to get to the New Zealand start.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Will watch this series only because I like looking at our country from others perspectives and adding my own vicious critiques. Might see some familiar faces. I have never liked the non linea editing and continuity of this genre.

Parker? Whose he? I dont watch TV and reality shows are dramatized for the sheeples and peasants arent they?
Any on NZ I would watch just to be critical and to admire the scenery.

I’m enjoying it for the content (I must be a sheeple)! However, the poor dubbing and camera work makes it painful to watch at times. There are better shot gold shows on Youtube.

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The you tube dubbing is extremely bad. An do new Zealanders really sound extra kiwi on tv?. Lol. Though there is small nuggets to be found within the content…all I have to critique so far is the pronunciation of maori was really awful and they had an end of day shot clealy not in Hokitika!

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Do not call members sheeple and peasants it is extremely derogatory and is best left for the b grade conspiracy websites those words are repeated from.

Truth hurts for some.

I did not call members sheeples and peasants so get your fucking facts straight - I stated ‘TV and reality shows are dramatized for the sheeples and peasants arent they?’ - now you quote where I stated that any members here are sheeples and peasants.
Do a bit of research and see just how realistic most of the ‘reality shows’ are! I also thought you were into conspiracies? And NEVER tell me what to say!

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Your dead right there!

I have noticed many on this website like to worship governments big corp and believe everything they say like as religion, no difference between the two.

Thats true - they are Channel 1 news addicts - they also tend to listen to what others say and believe it - too childish to think for or judge for themselves. Most on this forum are jolly decent types. I have made a few very good loyal friends here who I would trust to the ends of the Earth, who come to my place, great company and who are welcome back any time they like.


Sometimes i think it worse than religion, TV Internet Iphones etc they on the shit all day everyday, least Christians just go to church every Sunday then cant do analytical study.

This is their new church a fucken screen, politicians are the priests

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Generalisation right there…

Are they? Your very easy to trigger. Chill.

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Not really - you just cant read and made a stupid comment…if you could read you would note that my comments DID NOT target anyone here but you inferred that they did! I would suggest that you think before you open your mouth or should I say put words to keyboard.
Personally this is why I dont like these sites - people have cracks at others and you had one when some of us took out a claim and again above. You’ve changed and it isnt for the better.

My take is that with this internet thing. Perhaps people are posting stuff in anonymity, and are making comments they would never have the balls to standup in a crowded hall and speak.
I could be just old school, but that’s the way I like it.
Most of the news and posts I read are opinions. The media has become more about likes than facts