October 2016 competition

Thought I’d get the ball rolling :soccer:️ By starting a new thread. But I’m going to leave this one up to the players to sort out the details on this one as I will be away, but keen to run it when I return.
Comp Date 14-23 October works for me but could delay if needed.

Enjoy :yum:


Hi iggy,well thinking about a mystery coin date again,would like to propose a half penny between 1900 and 1930,there not that hard to find,so many members would have a good chance,what do you think,cheers.

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Pennys - choice idea.
Draw the mystery winner on your return Iggy, gives us all a bit of time.
Just a thought.


Thanks for your suggestion @beepbeepmetal
We will have to push the date out a week but that’s cool as it can include labour weekend that way.
Maybe Friday 21st till Sunday 30th (oops just realised the 31st is not Labour Day)

I’m keen to try out a points based comp one day soon but it can keep, there’s plenty of time.

How about a two part comp for this next one…
Winner #1 mystery coin date
Winner #2 oldest coin
With a slight twist being each member can only enter say four coins in total between the two categories.

I wondered about a half penny mystery date between 1940-1965 which covers NZ, AUS and the Britt coins (all being eligible) obvoiusly the Britt is more than likely going to take honours for the oldest coin which potentially could be somewhere in the late 1800 range?
But certainly can go 1900-1930 this would predominantly be Britt and include the AUS from 1911 if my research is correct😃

YOUR THOUGHTS PEOPLE OVER The next few days would be great so we can make the October comp happen.

Looking forward to whatever you come up with …would preferably like the heaviest sinker

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Yeh I love the smell of lead :blush:
Maybe an unrelated coin theme would be good for some variety.
Basically as time goes by hopefully everyone’s ideas can be incorporated in someway.

Question to all with a competitive spirit!

Just thought I’d set up this quick poll to get a feel for your preferences (I’m easy as)

First option basically what we are doing at present. Group discussions to try and sort out what the next competition should be based on, including the finer points.


Second option, I would create a theme based on my ideas and previously mentioned members wishes and THEN propose the concept prior to comp for all to discuss and iron out any issues and work out the finer points.


Third option - self explanatory


  • Group discussions prior to each competition theme
  • Let Iggy work out then discuss to sort potential bugs
  • Other

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I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and get the October comp underway ( otherwise it may not happen)

The format I have chosen is below (once exact points and the nitty gritty has been decided between us all, I will repost on this tread the exact concept and rules.

Right two winners this time
Ist prize most points
2nd prize heaviest lead sinker (in grams please, most people will have some kitchen scales I hope)

A combination of the following 4 objects can be entered as many times as you like and a mixture of as well ( 3 X sinkers 1 X ring 2 X toy cars) etc.

The objects…
Any ring - 20 points
6d/3d any year any country - 5 points
Lead sinker 1 point (was considering 5 points if over 100 grams as well but ???)
Object four any toy vehicle (car plane boat train etc etc, but it must be a full chassis not just a door or bonnet, wheels gone is ok)
Points was thinking around the 10-15 mark ??
Final twist there will be a mystery colour for the vehicles that only I will know that will earn some bonus points, was thinking around the 2 or 3 times.

Start date Friday 21st end Sunday 30th October (next weekend)

What have I missed I wonder, let me know your thoughts and point values please.

PS so you can see what a 100g sinker looks like LH 108 RH 118

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Now I no I’m efft

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Hi iggy, yeah sounds cool to me,will have to get my skates on,hopefully not working next weekend,but good variety of targets ,and something for everyone,im in !!

Labour weekend - Cool.
I need to get out.

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Cool good luck, it should make for an interesting competition. We will do the Penny thing one day, thought we would mix it up a bit.
PS comp will be ten days over two weekends.

UPDATED competition rules (not much has changed everyone must be happy, so that’s good)


Start 9am this coming Friday 21st
Finish 9pm Sunday 30th (deadline for enteries)

1st prize - most points accumulated
2nd prize - heaviest lead sinker

The following objects will score points and can be entered in any combination and as many times as you wish (as you find them)

Any ring - 20

Three pence or Sixpence, any year or country - 5

Lead sinker - 1 AND if over 100 grams - 5

Toy vehicle car, boat, plane, etc BUT must be a full chassis, missing wheels or door, bonnet etc is ok - 10

PLUS if the vehicles primary colour matches the colour I have pre selected a total of 30 points will be given. ( the colour will be disclosed at the end of the comp and no it’s NOT racing red)

The heaviest lead sinker will automatically score points as well ie 1 or 5
Home made sinkers are fine BUT it has to be clear that it is actually a sinker.
Photo required on scales in GRAMS please and weighed as accurately as possible.

Finally all enteries must be posted on THIS THREAD with text ie.( 1x ring 2 X sinkers 1 X 115 g sinker etc) and photos to make my job easier.
As with this and future comps once I like (:heart:) your post this shows I have seen the entry and recorded it.

Once again the following image is completely optional

Final note you only need to show the relevant finds on this thread, although the complete hunt is fine if you wish. However for special finds they may be better in the show and tell category against your name for future reference?

Enjoy and if you have questions don’t hesitate :blush:

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To all those planning on participating in the lastest comp, good luck and have fun.

Pointers… Mmmmmm🤔 Rings are generally found where you find them. ( near swimming spots could be a good starting point)
Sinkers, pretty obvious really- popular fishing spots. But the big heavier sinkers are generally coastal dwellers.
3d and 6d coins, pretty much anywhere although personally I can’t say I have found many at the beaches (or at least out on the sand), parks and domains with a bit of history could be a good place to focus on.
Finally toy vehicles, can like most things appear just about anywhere, but anywhere near playgrounds, sandpits, barked areas would be a likely spot.

Enjoy :yum:

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Day 1


Nice one @chris … 3 X cars and 2 X sinkers both under 100 grams? Am I correct?

Sorry I don’t have any scales but will have a weigh up near the end of comp

Ok cool I will give you one point for the big sinker now with a possible 4 more if it weighs in as a heavyweight.
Excellent job on the trifecta :+1:

Lovely low tide hunt early this morning. Competition finds for day 1:

  • x1 9k gold ring
  • x4 sinkers ≤100g
  • x1 sinker > 100g

Included photos of other finds from tgis morning… Including an awesome American Football!

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Sunday morning hunt:

  • x1 Silver ring with history! I’ll post image and story separately
  • x4 lead weights ≤100g

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