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October 2016 competition

Nice job on the rings! RH mid picture looks interesting… Some sort of tap/valve?
Keep em coming :yum:

Another car this morning and that sinker from Saturday is 115g

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Update for Monday. went to Maraetai and Omana… The beaches were muddier/sloppier than I was expecting… Settled on Omana for most of my hunt time as not much luck at the other locations.

  • x16 sinkers ≤100g
  • x1 sinker >100g (115g)

Interesting finds included a 1950 Australia 50% silver threepence; and a NZ 1967 10cent/one shilling coin(I didn’t reallise that at the change over they printed both values on the coin!

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Yeah it is a well constructed valve… Not sure what it would have been for as the handle seems more ornamental than what would be used on just a functional valve.

Also found a strange ‘plug’? With the word ‘Leyland’ on the black knob.

Any thoughts?

Leyland Motors possibly? But what it’s off I wouldn’t know.
That ornate valve should clean up nicely.
Nice work on the lead sinkers, that Aus 3d is a contender for the comp if you wish? Is that it 2nd down on the left?

Quick trip down the local beach where it’s washing out and sniped a few nice finds!

x1 Gold ring (has been rebanded so no markings but I’ll take it to the jewellers tomorrow) absolutely stoked with it!

Non comp cool finds -
-Lead post seals
-Old Worcester sauce bottle dating early 1900s I think still has glass stopper in and some mystery liquid!
-Possibly a token - bottom left - front is worn out completely but back has a man holding a ladder or pushing a wheelbarrow?
-A women’s face

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Very nice ring. Congrats!

Good spotting Iggy, I forgot about 3pence being part of the competition.

Yes, please chalk up for me today a 1950 Aus 3pence… Photo attached.

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Some unusual pieces there. Congrats on the GOLD ring! :yum: ( yes I know Au really does deserve more than 20 points).
That woman’s face is cool… I wonder what that was off.

Tap could be a gas tap off a stove with the line soldered into the socket.

The Leyland bit doesn’t ring any bells for me (ex Mini man) The design looks to be an adjuster, turn to wind ‘something substantial’ in or out on the gearing

Like the Hay River badge(?) that’s a very long way from home!

Keep it up.


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Evening all, good luck to all those participating in the final stages of the October comp.
If you don’t see a like (:heart:️) against your name don’t panic, I’m away for the weekend, so I may not record your find until Monday.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi 7 sinkers
1 ring
Half a car lol

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Nice finds Chris! That outboard looks really cool

Just a round up of the past 2 days. Hit a lake yesterday which gave up a few coins and the washouts on the beach today which produced my first few sinkers.
X2 sinkers < 100g
X1 homemade sinker > 100g = around 450g a good size to snap your rod. But being on the wild Westcoast it’s probably needed
X1 junk ring


Thats a big lump of lead i found a dive wieght the day before the comp …the detector went mental

Wow, that is an impressive weight!

Wow wee what a monster sinker DetectNZ :ok_hand:.

And another ring for Chris I see…mmmmm half a car :thinking:.
A favourite moto of mine is ‘rules are made to be broken’… Which I try and live by but I’m also a stickler for detail. I will advise after the AGM that I will be holding with Iggy and myself over the next day or so…

Happy hunting and enjoy :blush:

Cheers guys! Felt like I dug a thousand lead head nails just to find that beast but all worth it in the end

Big day today and probably o e of the last days I’ll get to go detecting until late January (wedding, honeymoon and lots of family from overseas).

Awesome day at my local beach/mud flat in Auckland.

x3 threepence (English 1919, NZ George sixth, NZ Elizabeth)
x3 sixpence (Australia 1958, x2 NZ 1952)
x2 sinkers >100g
x33 sinkers ≤100g

A bunch of other odds and ends including enough fishing line to open my own shop!


Wow going to be hard to catch you now but going to look for a 150 yr old ring for a lady tomorrow and she lives waterfront :blush:

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