NEVER sell gold

I’ve see a lot of predictions like this around. For years. Will be interesting to see how the next crash turns out. We’re currently in the longest economic expansion on record… Overdue for something!

Why would you keep gold? It makes no sense. sell when it’s high and live a better lifestyle. It’s not much good to anyone sitting in a safe and it gets a bit boring to look at.

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That’s just pure blasphemy!!


You can look at it that way but knowing my luck if I did have any and I sold it today at say $2300 an ounce then tomorrow, as sure as eggs are eggs, it will double in price - that means that if I had any at all I would just have fun each day watching the prices fluctuate.

Or you sell half and get a new wife and car, and keep the other half to look at…


I try not to worry about the future in financial terms, for instance I was offered a house in Queenstown 7 years ago for $400k it needed a bit of work but nothing major, didn’t have All the funds at the time so didn’t go through with the deal, but the same house is now worth $900k and hasn’t been changed. I could of pushed through with the deal in the long run and knuckled down at work. But easy come easy go! C’est la vie

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We win some - we lose some and regardless of how you look at it you can only take the good with the bad and keep a straight face.


Hi Gavzilla I have traced you here from the comments section in a trademe add .you where looking for a $ partnership on the claim down south I would be Keen to have a chat with you kind regards Andrew . Please send me an email at if you are interested we can go from there .

you wont have the other half to look at though mangrove. your traded in wife will get that. sorry.

Too true…never had a wife, but i do have a good woman thats sitting beside me right now drinking my Panhead rat-rod beers. If she has too many i may let her go as i couldnt afford to keep her.

If you get another wife there is a very good chance she will take the other half & the car.

What does a woman & a hurricane have in common?

They both howl when they come & take your house & car when they’ve gone.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Interesting - wives dont get a share of the gold - its hidden!

You say “Why would you keep gold? It makes no sense?” You can always look at it and KNOW that you have a useful alternative to money! My question would be, “Why be so stupid to sell a more valuable and globally recognized commodity of exchange than mere money when you do not need to sell it?” If you need to then that would be a different matter - In the past I used to swap it for things I wanted and also gave a large amount away to people as samples. Many kids got 3 gram samples given to them - 2 pennyweights at the time. Today with dollars rapidly losing its buying power and bank interest rates as low as 0.75% and gold going up in value near enough to 20% this year then I would have thought it would be a no brainer - but then who am I to know?

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Well interesting to see the results. Especially like the second post on this subject.

Yes …will be interesting to see how gold is manipulated over the coming weeks…at the start of this thread back in Nov gold was at NZ$2300 and now NZ$2800…but this is not the true story…if you look closely at the markets this week you will see gold has actually come back down bit of late…almost forced down…and US share markets are like up 3-5%…how can this be?..everyone is not working and in lockdown?..well truth be told our mate DT has the mint printing presses on full tilt…Feds printing trillions of US dollars a week…in turn this printed money is turned into “real money” by the powers that be or should I say …powers that stand to make the most out of this…and they buy up there own shares falsely propping up the economy…this is their last option…last throw of the dice and eventually the shit will hit the fan…until now the US dollar has been standing firm because this currency is traded internationally in trade and oil but internationally countries are looking at a more stable form of currency that is backed by some physical asset and can’t be printed up…in our case gold values which will see in time its hoped a huge increase in the price of gold…these powers are doing all they can to halt the rise of gold…freezing all mints on earth and shutting down mines has meant that you simply can’t buy physical gold at the moment …but the market price went down 3% this week…and share went up?.shows you the manipulation of the markets…its hoped that eventually when the dust settles there will end up a huge increase in the value of physical gold…not gold company stocks not futures in gold but actual gold bars…so if for instance a claim owner got just over an ounce a week last year would mean around $1800 a week minus costs(not even worth it!) so fast forward 6 months gold is at 3.5k -…suddenly it’s a viable option in these times of hardship…another depression fueled gold rush in NZ? will get wind of it…triggering environmental lobbying and end up banning the whole bloody lot of us…I’ve been in lockdown too long and suddenly learnt to type…lol!


Never found any to get bored about

hi mal . yep gold topped $3900 last week .
I cant get my head round all this shit about share markets just because of a flue. why should gold flip flop all over the place?
as for typing , I don’t know why they cant make a mans keyboard with big nugget keys for my fat fingers.

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So how do you get hold of physical gold? NZ mint take quite a premium and there is a 6-8 week wait after lockdown

Do you want to buy? - try Regal Castings 7 Akiraho Street in Auckland - their prices are generally a little lower than NZ Mint at Level 1 48 Greys Ave.
There is always a 6 percent premium I think so your not going to avoid that.
I miscalculated and thought silver might have been a better buy but it has not been - in fact it has turned out to be pretty static and at the moment I would only hit even after they took their fee but might make a little, if anything on Trademe. Right now I would sell silver for around $900 kg privately though cant access it at safe deposit…