Navy Button found on beach

Found this button when detecting a beach that could only be accessed by boat, Coro area. I did a little research and found there was a trading post over there in the early days. Can anyone identify its origin and date it? Your help would be much appreciated!


If my guess is correct and its only a guess though a reasonably intelligent one (if that is possible for me) then it is 19th Century and has all the characteristics of an 1891 era officers button except the beading around the edge might be just a little bit fine.

In any case have a llok at this site. Diana's Buttons - Reference - British Navy Buttons

The design of the crown can be an indicator of date.

Yes they can b e identified by crown BUT in this case all the flat top crowns seem to be just a little bit more rounded on the corner. I dont think its ‘that’ old if it had been near salt water as I have found WWII buttons at the beach and they were write offs more or less as they are pretty thin brass.

I suspect it is a blazer button not military.

There are variations and although it is possible that you are right I would actually bet that it is military. It has the outer rim and inner rim of the 1827 and 1843 ones but if you notice there are even discrepancies in the two 1843 rims on the site I pointed out.

Blazer buttons should not have a crown on them I wouldnt think but once again I may be wrong. The crown is most like an 1825 crown.

In any case I think its a great find. Is there any makers mark on the back - Gaunt etc.

Original thought was a relatively modern Royal Navy given the position of the rope to the stock, however the stock is thinner than current issue

I’ll stick with RN, but may be early 1900’s.

RN for sure. What age is your one. I really think that yours is exactly the same. I have not got any with that flat crown and cant find any exact but yours is more or less the same even though your anchor flukes are larger. I just think the thread authors one is worn/oxidized and probably a different maker which would account for subtle differences.

Thanks all for the feedback, i am new to detecting and a little green.

See a pic of the back, it looks to have some kind of mark to the right of the top of the loop, I found when researching that it might be British Navy Officer, 1827-1847 or so as they only started putting the crown on top of the anchor around then, and the stock is thinner than later dates, but all the same, a really cool find! I also found a 1933 half crown on the same small beach and tried to clean it up with baking soda and hot water mix but it is stubborn, any ideas how to clean a 50% silver coin?

I dont know much about cleaning coins. My advice could be disastrous in that regard. I know that a coin dealer l knew had a liquid that was wicked as the unworn coins with a natural patina came out looking new.
When l have found brass and bronze l have scraped some of the oxidized concretions off with another piece of bronze. In this way l have been able to read the inscriptions, maker etc without ruining the object.

Thanks for that, I will try and find a dealer and enquire!

Ive found one with google lens that says it german lol not sure how reliable info is

Can you give us the link. The crown could date back to he Imperial German Navy but its the wrong pattern crown I think but might be wrong. Imperial German military crowns were sloped at the top but did have sharp corners where the sides met the top.

There are a couple use the google lens app ive found it useful with my military collection and all sorts of other trinkets

That site states
‘It should be a button made in England in the mid-19th century TREBLE GILT (triple gilding)’
‘It was made in England’

Down the page further it shows a similar Italian one but the Italian crown is slightly different to the relic one which has English words on it apparently.

Yes and another forum said it german haha it made in england but they made buttons for other countrys too im led to believe good find though

Um yes but you gave us the link above when I asked to see the one that stated it is German and that particular link stated what I said above - so wheres the Forum link that states that it is German?

You are right when you say that somethings were made on one country for another and as such a German item might have British writing on it. Some Snider and Enfield rifles were made under contract to Belgium but on the lock plate the words were English so yes it stands to reason.

As i said found that info on Google lens so have a look there upload app its handy and informative

Umm yes I actually know of google believe it or not but YOU said that you found a site (forum) that said it was German so I am asking you to give us the link…or doesnt it exist any more or have you lost it - if its lost look back in history and you will get it.