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My first Nox Finds

Long time lurker, first time poster.

So I got myself a Nox 800 and I am trying to learn how to use the thing.

I have tried it at the beach (Beach 1 and 2) and in parks (Park 1). I’ve set up a user profile with a 10 khz setting to see if this helps exclude bottle caps. That’s about as far as I have got with different settings so far.

First trip to the beach I find a fork. And not much else.

Second day at the beach I find a Trowel and not much else.

Then I get into various parks and beaches and I’ve come pack with fishing gear, spendies, a hair trinket, bits and bobs and rubbish.

I am still trying to figure out how to exclude the rubbish and hit something else other than coins. I’ve learnt if I get a solid 21 then its some loot. Or a bottle cap.

Most rubbish seems to come through 13 - 17. So I get tricked at the 4 and 8 sounds - more rubbish.

I’m hitting loads of rubbish (caps, foil etc) in parks.

Heres the evidence to date


Good haul there, the crap to quality ratio looks pretty similar to my outings with my nox! $1 and $2 generally ring up 21 or 22 so easily found but aluminium bottle caps can do the same. As for not digging crown caps , I gave up and pretty much dig everything as you really never know what you have unless you get a really deep iron tone with the discrimination off. If you run discrimination on I find that too much stuff sounds good as it hides the iron noise. At least you are finding some pie money :grinning:

Change to 4khz to test for crown caps, they’ll likely shoot up in numbers to the high 30’s. Set 4khz as a user profile so its just one quick press to check.

Thanks for that - I’l give it a shot. I all ready have a profile set for 10khz which gives caps a lift so any extra help is great.