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Mudwiggling through 2020

Beyblade? Well that object looks and sounds interesting.
Not that it takes much to trigger one of my internet information gathering binges, but it is nice to have another excuse.

Raiding party into neighbouring territory today.
There’s been a few detectors over the patches I tried - Bugger all found.
Put the Mudwiggle Method to the test and stuck a pin in the map.
Old crockery along with lilies on the foreshore here gave a good indication. Although a sea of leadheads (43 of the bastards!) and the torrential rain eventually wore me down (Dingbat forgot his jacket…).
Only find of note here was the mouthpiece off an opium pipe,nice, and a few scraps of window lead. I shall have to consult the old aerials to find out what was here.
Did a doorknock for a derelict 1900’s place, was advised it had been the local party den - They weren’t wrong. Nothing but cans, as deep as 30cm sometimes, couldn’t go beyond that without making a mess. Kept hitting gravel bedding, the alignment of which started to look like the original access. A quick scout around found the remnants of a bridge, but nothing under or downstream of it.
Quick coin shoots on the way home netted $12 in goldies - Paid for the gas anyway.

Ring is a pewter junker.


Coin shoot this morning was one of the most productive I’ve had for a while - Final tally even managed to soundly thrash minimum wage.
First spot wasn’t expected to turn up much, I’m likely the only one who hunts it as it’s a secret Locals Only spot. Conversely though, it’s not a prime spot for loose change. Netted $5 here. Too much walking between coins so moved on.
Second possie wasn’t expected to fare any better as it’s a well known spot and I’ve often seen signs of MDing here, up to and including the dreaded 1’ square lawn warts left behind by idiots with spades in summer.
Kicked off straight into a 4 coin spill. The remaining hour was a target every dozen or so swings. Noice.
$55 all up, the ATPro just loves goldies!

Not sure how I bagged the 20c, must’ve been in a hole with a goldie.

(Not counting the lack of a ring against my ring streak as this was specifically for Goldies.)

Emptying of the bag

And after a quick rinse in 50% acetic


Just sat down when the grapevine activated…
Yesterday, Seans young son was doing some TikTok clips with his friend.
For what ever reason, the phone was flung away to the side – and into the deep mattress of overgrown Kikuyu grass around them. Efforts by Sean and his son failed to locate the phone visually (flat battery, so no ringtones) and so Sean turned to the internet for assistance to try and recover the lost phone.

It was a reasonably straightforward job, with no interference from electric fences which are very common in this rural area. With a systematic approach, and based on experience with recovering ‘thrown’ items, the phone was quickly located outside the indicated area, as they so often are.

It was a sheepish, but relieved lad who got called over to collect his phone out of the grass.


Nice load of spendies.
Question…what numbers do you personally dig with the at pro?

Depends what I’m looking for, although weapon of choice is the Excal as I know the responses and don’t have to bother with the VDI.
90% of the time I just use the ATP for sucking goldies out of the dirt, but if just cruising with it, I’ll go for any consistent signal that repeats on a 90° swing. Even down into the high 30’s-Low 40’s if it’s not a trashy spot.

Haunting some new flats by starlight this morning, very quiet.
Handful of usual lead and ancient boat bits. Turned up a nice mid-1800’s cast pewter whistle.
Goosebumps came up when I was the first person to hear it in around 180 years.



Awesome, but long day today on the big tides.
Burnt through a half tank of gas, did three coin shoots as I waited for the tide to drop, then visited 5 beaches - 3 were deep sand but the other two more than made up for it!

Star of the show was this one…or one near it… or maybe a completely different place. :wink:

Ceremonial emptying of the bag…

The juice:

NZNC badge, complete with pin, 10carat Mickey Hill Ring with 1.0carat of ice, 2 58th’s and a UK shilling and sixpence. The four rings up front are a mix of coppers, but rings always bring a smile when you see them in the hole. Another $34 in pie money from out of the grass.

And the rubbish

Maybe being stood down for another month due to Covid isn’t so bad.


What a great selection of finds there MW, medals, buttons, rings and coins etc. Really envious of your choice of beaches but can see you do a lot of research.
Well done.

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cool stuff,great score on the ring.

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Cheers guys. The ring is the flashest I’ve found, that hasn’t been a recovery job. No identifying marks though. It was deep in the sediments and way out which makes me think it may have gone overboard from a boat or tender.

A great selection and good reward for patience and the time put into looking. I am getting inspired by you guys so tempted to bring one of my detectors when I come up for the holidays as I might go out to the Coromandel.

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Great finds Mudwiggle definitely a fancy ring, I really would love to find one of those early regiment buttons. Well done mate.

In the evil salty ooze again yesterday…

Got home, emptied the pouch:

Found some interesting bits inside





all that stuff in my pockets would have pulled my pants down. then it wouldnt have been the detector swing from side to side. reminds me of elephant hunting in africa but that story can wait

Back in the mode mate
That dog reg is one of my favourite finds as for the trigger guard… As LL would say jellyarse😎

I spy with my little eye what may be your best treasure in the first photo with everything in a heap and if it is what I think it is I am indeed jellyarse. No prizes for the astute observer who identifies it. If I remember, remember, remember I shall identify it before too long if no one else picks it but it is a true gem - and yet appears to be nothing spectacular. Because I cant see it properly I may be wrong but I am pretty sure it is what I think it is none the less.

Hint - it has something to do with dustbins.

@Lammerlaw I’ll get one with a reed one day. (Been many years since I heard “Dustbin” :grin: )

The item is associated with the word ‘Dustbin’ and is a very interesting item of historical interest. In fact I would much rather have found it than a silver ring - I wont go so far as to say gold ring!

I’m confuzzled then… If it ain’t the harp? (Based on good ol London slang)