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Mudwiggling through 2019

Panicked call from BMW owner yesterday
Upshot, Up at 0300, drive 160km, thrash my way around an overgrown section for three hours, drive 160km back, go to work.
I’ll sleep well tonight, no doubt so will Mr. Beamer who can now stop hitch-hiking :laughing:

Not the easiest of hunts with waist high thistles and metal scraps everywhere!

All enthusiasm lost when I saw what I had to deal with

There you are, you sneaky wee buggers

A very relieved Mr. Beamer


Cream of the crop from a new location, area was very well used back in the day, but I was surprised at the sheer volume of targets, I guess it’s too obvious so everyone thinks it’s been hammered. Mostly lead and boat, but these beauties as well:
1891 Half Crown, Small Jaw Harp, Nicely decorated flat button and my second snake.

Heading back on the upcoming big tides I think


You would be a good keen man Mudwiggle, top effort.

Trev aka The Hatter.

That snake is quite cool looking forward to see what the next trip brings up

cannot remember ever finding a snake buckle,you would think they would be crawling everywhere,nice finds.

End of year cashup of goldies. Hmm, I could buy another detector :thinking:

Teller picked up the bags and was looking quizzically at the stained, grotty and mower-hacked coins.
“They’ve been dug up, I’m a metal detectorist”
“Oh. My boyfriend has one of those. He only finds rusty metal though…”

I can see someone will be getting a lecture about upping their game this evening :laughing:


Well done Mudwig . That’s a good tally. Surprised the bank actually took the hacked ones as some banks here in Auckland have refused.


@Chris_Nz She just glanced at them in the bags then weighed them - I put the best bag closest to her - Would have been a different story if she’d tipped them out, some real monsters in the later bags :laughing: It’s a different teller each year, maybe they get the sack! Should be a Wanted poster in my local “Do not accept coins from this man!”


You need to keep a book… Fuel costs how many pies😉an drinks see if you come out on top

Never peek behind the curtain… Important thing is Mrs. Wiggle sees the receipt for ‘free money’ :laughing:


i remember sending old style 50 c 20c 10c up tp i think wellington a few years ago i had $80 worth cost me 20 bucks to send them and they refused half of them,never sent any since…

That’d be the Reserve Bank. They don’t accept Aussie or any NZ coin that is not readily identifiable apparently. They are the only way of cashing in old decimals though.

Hit the local to field test a repaired machine after major surgery for the dreaded rot in the coil - fortunately it hadn’t gone into the coil smarts.

This is still the hottest Excal I’ve known, sucking a sparkly-clean 18ct white gold from about the 20cm mark, that’s heading into Lost Property today, and an ancient silver chain from around 25cm (although I very nearly didn’t dig it). $3 in goldies, but the beach had been recently worked by some damn pirate on my patch :crazy_face: Also lifted a '43 6d and a wee sterling bird charm. Stacks of Gold “Ha-Ha’s” (5c) and a George 6th 1d & 3d.

And it’s not a real beach hunt without some cutlery, key or toy car…

Shame I have to give the Excal back…at some stage - Or I might keep using it until the owner gets around to picking it up :wink:


Cool collection and nice variety

is that the silver spoon that fell out of my mouth when I was born?

You wish…Stainless, and looks like pinched from one of the local motels.

theres no better sight than gold in the scoop…

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Absolutely, and on a borrowed machine, no less :laughing:

Keep rubbing mate​:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

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Not getting it back now… I’ll replace the bottle :yum: