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Mudwiggling through 2019

I likely would have been tempted to ‘miss’ a few in memory of Periera.

I’m on enforced leave (again :roll_eyes:) this week, although will try and stay out of your vege patch :slight_smile: Toying with doing a massive coin-shoot for goldies as a challenge…And free beer.

Have until midnight to formulate a cunning plan of attack for a massive road-trip.

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I’ve got a mate who works for navman in CCh he’s guna slip a unit into cosmos car


tough luck, we will be going in…

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I’ll report it stolen and just follow the pretty flashing lights :slight_smile:


Guess I will be using the wife’s car this week lol.

Took the WOT out for a wade in the morning low on my week-long ringscapade. Flat calm and tucked out of the wind… which resulted in clouds of sandflies. Wetsuit was great at keeping them at bay - except for the head and face. Onlookers would have thought I was in the throes of Tourettes as I repeatedly slapped my face. Was glad when the wind went around and picked up, developing hypothermia definitely preferable compared to The Swarm.
Was fairly quiet with a handful of lead, virtually no spacejunk and some older copper/brass (Oar endcaps off each end, so presume the oar has been lying on the bottom for many years) also a brolly ferrule and a skeletal dungaree button. The copper sheet had me standing in a half metre deep hole, but being that deep in the old sediments, I wanted to see what it was.
One skinny .925 has set the weeks tally off to a good start. Changing plan of attack for tomorrow.


A ring is a ring, best of luck for tomorrow.

3 Hrs in chest-deep water at a few beaches today for nothing. Not a sausage, and this is an area renowned for its sausages.
Too much sand in the shallows
Onwards and upwards…

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I wonder if that copper sheet is a piece of sheathing from a ship. You could always put it on trademe…’ genuine copper sheathing’ from the Boyd. Attacked by Maoris and sunk after burning to the water line as the direct action of a Maori snapping a flintlock over a barrel of gunpowder. Historic item collected by Uncle Ernie prior to the 1976 Antiquities Act.
I like looking at your finds…sort of picking through them online to see what treasures you have found.


I would have been searching testical depth that’s where the ring finger starts to lose its girth

ive allways thought of not finding a thing as a vital bit of info,too much sand… what was this beach like last time i came here…note beach markers,how much sand has moved since last time,wind direction that has put sand on the beach…it all helps to make calls on best chance to score when choosing where to go.the more times you go to a beach the more you can predict .sometimes after a blow you might only get a couple of tides where its perfect and you can fill your boots,that may happen only two or three times a year,you hope to reconise the those times it makes so much difference…

@chris Not just the fingers mate! Blardy cold today, wished for another mm or so on the suit.

@roy1954 I work these spots every other week, almost daily in summer. Marks all said good, contour said the sand was on the beach (ergo, it’s not in the water), but there’s a lot of new sand come in from out wide by the looks of it. I tried several beaches all at different orientations to winds and littoral current and same across the board. Might try and see if it’s been robbed from around the corner tomorrow

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Like all the Maori artifacts on TradeMe that have “been in the family for 50 years” :roll_eyes:

Mine have - true - they have, they have I told you.

Must go see whats offering on Trademe - I used to look at the Maori artifacts. My grandmother is a Maori Artifact but shes dead at the moment.

Day three of my temporarily unemployed detecting bender.

280km all up today starting in a lake on the other side of the island at dawn for less than buggerall. Although not entirely unexpected given the lateness of the season and the popularity of the site, with many signs of previous digs going back a few months. SAR tracking experience is invaluable for aging sign :shushing_face:
From 0600 to 0830 I scanned the benthic strata for goodies - but nowt other than a few small lead sinkers and pop-tops and crown caps.
Disheartened with no meaningful signals and thoroughly chilled by the fresh SWer, I change dinto civvies and switched to terra firma and coin shooting.
This turned out to be lucrative with $45 in goldies, and a run in with a DOC ranger who was staunch anti detectorists, having given a guy with a spade his marching orders just a few days ago.
Some careful dialogue allowed me to continue with him in tow for 15 minutes, describing what I was about to probably dig and the depth. Several judicious surgically-extracted sacrificial wine screwcaps and pull tabs later I got a hand on the shoulder, “You’re all good mate, just keep it clean. Good luck”. (I later came across some of the damage, 1ft square spade holes with the divot lying on the ground beside them - how hard is it to, at a minimum, sweep the plug back into the hole? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)
I further cemented the relationship with a courtesy call to the site office to thank them and advise of the tally of crap removed from the site (including mower-shredded cans in the grass). Left on good terms.
Drove two and a half hours home past many showgrounds and derelict schools - Was over it after 6 Hrs and 4 Hrs drive.

And after a clean and sort. Casing is a 1944 Mk7 CAC, ring is a $2 bling.


You never know your luck MW. If the detector is not swinging then the results will be nil. I’m sure it was a nice day out.

For sure, don’t dig anything watching YouTube vids… Definitely have to work smarter these days with the huge increase in coils out there.

Dragged out of my detecting hibernation for an earring that had been lost at the start of the year…in a patch of scrub. To be honest, I wasn’t hopeful… Found a couple of cm down in a high probability area despite it being a poor chance of detection and under a pile of slash. Search & Rescue Behavioural Profiling works wonders! I made it a little more special by letting her retrieve it from the ground.


Good to see ya back out
Nice recovery… I think my machine is growing mold😄 spent the morning gathering 400 scollops (permit) takes a few beers to shuck them low tide mission tomorrow is to find anymore of those 18 pndrs

nice work mudwiggle.