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Mothmyth's mad scientist page

Oh yeah, its a harmless kitset

Ow! Bind my node!

Lets face it, this guy will be disturbin…


The foot bone connected to the leg bone;
The leg bone connected to the hip bone;
The hip bone connected to the back bone;
The back bone connected to the head bone;
Now hear the word of the Lord !

Should it beintitled “TongueTide” or is it “Lockdown”

Reminds me of a tongue piercing I saw on a skinhead in London back in the 70’s…

You whir in Londinion ( original Roman name)
in the 70s ? I left in 1968 i think.

A to Z bird

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You have to imagine this in a Darleks ring modulated voice with their distinctive rising vocal inflexion…

“You will be !

Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Or we will Exterminate!

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For those who stare long
Haiku poet strikes again
The ninja is gone

Be vaccinated
Or be exterminated
That is the question