Minelab Gold monster 1000

Gold monster 1000 For Sale $900
Owned it for 2 years and its been on 4 trips with me
Located Christchurch, message me and I can get some photos to you or I will post some below in the next couple days

Hey bud I’d be keen to buy it, would you be ok to post it to Southland? Cheers

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No worries, can ship. sent you a message

Thanks mate that’d be really good, I’m in Winton, I should have asked before if it had the 5” coil as that’s mainly what I’m after to mop up with, cheers

5" coil is standard with it as is the 10 x 5. Comes new with both of those coils.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Is this still available, im in Christchurch

If not I can help you out.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Thats very kind of you JW.

My husband and I are retired and have been out fossicking, relatively unsure of what we are doing and have fun. No we havn’t found anything yet.

I have a detector and find heaps of rubbish, I’d like my hubby to join me with a dectector.

Cheers Thea

Hi Thea. What detector are you using? I do have a gold monster & also an Equinox 800 that also has the little 6" coil that is great for gold. Mind you so is the 11" that it comes with standard. What experience do you have with gold detecting? It is a bit/lot different to coin/relic detecting.
Here is a tease of a few bits I found for a couple of hours detecting last Sunday. I was getting over covid but had to get a change of scenery & some fresh air until I ran out of omph.

Kind Regards

John Wilson :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi John

I use a Equinox 600 and have to say I find rubbish and nothing else yet, Ive had my detector for a couple of years now and not very experianced at all.

What detector do you use ? Where do you go ? Wow you did so well finding gold, I wish I could.

Next trip away we are going to the West Coast again, don’t know where yet. Our last trip a few weeks ago we went to [Public fossicking area Goldsborough (Shamrock Creek goldsborough-shamrock-creek). My husband used his sluce, but we are not confident that we are using it correctly. Found nothing, a couple of large rocks set my detector of, we brought them home cut them up and nothing, so I’m thinking they must be Iron stone.

Kindest regards
Thea :