Manuherikia claims

hi just to let everyone know there are 2 active claims on this river, once again illegal dredging is happening , I have spoken to a dredger who informed me he wasnt aware the river was under claim , I find it hard to believe in this day and age people dont understand the rules , especially when this guy tells me he has over 20 years experience in dredging its becoming obvious some people dont care


He would have known. Why would you even own a dredge if you didn’t have a claim or permission to use a claim


yes of course your right, Its not like you can accidentaly just put your dredge and all your gear into a river , is bloody annoying to say the least

perhaps you need signs up to tell them. the other way is to write the imfo on a bit of lead and give that to him . write it on your hand and smack him to imprint it on him. there are lots of ways with out being nice

I have signs on my claim, perhaps you need one at each access point to the River, they all choose to be ignorant of the law. I used to have ignorant folks and arrogant folks, but after taking photos of them all doing their thing and their vehicles for id purposes, they have not been back.


Arseholes don’t take any notices of claim signs. I even had ground anchors on the posts which had our claim signs on in the Upper Waipori and low life bastards from Lawrence area even managed to get them out of the ground. In the end I painted claim signs onto cliff faces. Every where you go there are slime balls, works and wanting turd fuckers.

yes ill get some signs made, and im not accepting anyone who uses a dredge dosnt understand the rules , hopefully its a brand new one because they will be loosing it

Yes I would confiscate their gear and look at either the legalities of retaining it in compensation for ‘estimated loss of revenue’ holding it and advertising it so that the owners can contact you and agree on terms and conditions for it’s return, inform P & M - loyal servants of the bankers and treasonous scum who serve their masters well and see what suggestions they make or hand it to the Police as lost property with of course the information that it was found illegally on your claim and in the event of it’s owners coming forward you expect a prosecution and if the owners do not come forward then you would assumedly become its legal owner.
If I pursued the latter course I would never keep it no matter how good it was, I would advertise it and sell it and the ex owner would have no recourse to complain. If placed on Trademe I would be open and explain it’s history…found on claim, handed to Police as lost property, no claimants and subsequently returned to you. Now your legal property and for sale.

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I like your way of thinking lammerlaw I had thought if I found a dredge , they would never get it going, but you cant have to many dredges

The only other option which I like but you cant really do is pretend its the Bismark! Need I say what happened to the Bismark.

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How I see people that own there claims they should take what ever they have car dredge what ever they have at that time as they are stealing gold off a claim that you have spent a lot of your money on these people know there is a claim

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bit of sugar in the fuel tank will stop them and no physical sign of you damaging it left behind

Hope you get this all taken care of it’s a shame some people just wont follow the law !!!

gentlemen in all honesty if i was a person caught dredging on someones claim i would not take off leaving my dredge behind and i surely would stand my ground even if my hand was caught i surely as hell gona stand my ground as much as you are gona stand my ground as much as you are on your claim.

one thing you you need to realise rodger is when you promise 4 to five people that they can dredge on your claim and you back out on the deal what do you expect the are surely going to come on your claim and dredge on it, just remember gold does all sorts of things especially when these people think they know your movements.
there are better ways of sorting all this than bulshit you can take something the dredge off another person you would be suprised the turn out of it all things back fire as a joke
dont get dum advice because at the end of the day the system can fail you were you will find you are the one who will be on the other side of the law and i tell you non of these people giving the stontch advice will come and visit you when you are behind bars they are the ones that are going to be dredging on your claim while you locked up

Dear Shep with all due respect I think your post above lacks a considerable amount of insight on your behalf.
I know you have had some great input into recent topics on this forum which have been well received and have been a pleasure to read and I also know you have asked on this forum for permission to dredge on other peoples claims including mine. My advice to you is with comments as above you are actually doing your self a disservice.

I was always bought that if you made a mistake and get caught red handed then the most humble approach is to admit your in the wrong and man up to the mistake even if its the hardest thing to do. With an attitude like yours as above a lot of perspective claim holders including myself wouldn’t even be giving you the time of day on our claims that we have spent considerable amounts of time and effort to acquire. The balls in your caught bud about how you manage this moving forward!

The other point you made in relation to weather Roger had given permission to other people is irrelevant. Hes the bloody claim owner that has put his arse and money on the line to obtain a claim. If he chooses to relinquish a promise then thats his prerogative end of story! It says more about the people that dont respect his decision than it does about him.

I think you make a fair point on the last part of your comment though and I think an approach that utilizes the law as much as possible to deal with poachers is preferable. I also understand that sometimes an approach based on the law of the street works well in some situations.

Many Regards

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shep, as I mentioned on the phone other peoples actions where jepordising my acsess agreements, I cannot give permission to anyone to acsess my claim as I do not own the land, I also do not wish to be responsible for other peoples actions. as far as standing my ground if caught dredging on someone elses claim, I would b questioning my worth as a person to even consider being there in the first place

i think you all missing my point myself i surely would never go and dregde on anyones the last few years ive been to visit people on their claims and have never gone back there behind their claim to help myself what im saying is out of a number of people there has got to be an odd one who will porch on your not saying it alright to go dredge on another persons claim behind their back.
my point is dont assume putting the idea to people that the rule taxable offence were by you seize what ever machinery they are using is ideal, for those that dont know the word taxable {pulling an angel on another angler} offence is were one takes something of someone and keep it because they have done wrong surely you have the right to take the gold off them or what ever is in the box.

there is alot of key board warriors here but in all honest i have learnt alot out of the paydirt but at the end of the day every one has a chip on their shoulders that bill gates dont make @ webby i said what i said out of advice not digging at you hence why i said there is a better solution to stopping all this than some of the advice that lead to resolving an issue with an issue.
and to those that have taken this wrong my appologie if i have worded this wrong mind you english aint my first language.

Shep - you seemed to make what I would call a denigatory comment about what the other contributers above you had said. Well I would stick with my comments… except the tongue in cheek joke about the Bismark but if you took that seriously then you would believe anything.
I think of all the comments yours is the least acceptable because if you are caught dredging on someone’s else’s claim and you know it’s a claim then it does not say much for you and you deserve what ever comes your way. I am guessing that you make comments which seem to justify dredging on other people’s claim but Manning up if you are caught.
If it was someone else’s claim and you shouldn’t be there then you have to take what they dish out. If they sabotage your gear then they have used a wrong to fight a wrong, you should not have been there and they should have handled it legally without wrecking your gear… But why were you there in the first place knowing it’s wrong.
As for the claim owner…if he said you could dredge then he should have stuck to what he said and not changed his mind. People should think of the implications of what they say and then stick with their word and not change it. If I still had a claim then I would not allow dredging. In saying that however we did allow another party to dredge on our upper Waipiri claim.
Gold does do strange things to people - it makes most of them arseholes. Now and again you get decent ones who don’t sell their souls to the gold good. I have seen my uncle give away dozens, yes dozens, of ounces of gold to others. He let anyone and everyone in his claims. The only reason he had claims was so that no one could stop him going to those places.
When we had our three claims we never said no to others going there. If I had a claim today I would say no and the reason for that is because gold mining today seems to attract a lot of city slickers and they seem to have little honour or scrupples…so generally I would not allow them on and then if I did it would only be after I had got to know them and then they KNOW where they stand, there’s no misunderstanding and if they are caught it’s them who are in the wrong and they have to carry the cake for their actions.
I have already seen the actions of two opportunists who are members of this site. They troll the site to get what they can out of it, to capitalise out of others. They seem to think that the only place that gold exists is on other people’s claims and they want to move in.
My advice is to get to know others before you let them on and do not let them use a dredge.


well said mr Lammerlaw i seem to know more than what others know or think i do not know. ive put in my own opinion of what ive seen or think it causes a senary to punish a person by violence or think you can you have a right to the equipment they are using illegally ,come on lets not give the advice to others that put the law in your hands. for sure some people make a mistake of dredging a claim without doing their homework how you feed your head and think at that point how to deal with it is up to you.some things happen because of something like i said people talk people hear things when they bring a opinion to the table or advice dont bite their heads off or turn around and think because you are the judge and executioner.

I myself would not take their dredge a persons dredge because the moment you do that automatically its called agrivated robbery, remember all you have are rights to minerals on that area of the the river.and surely you are not that dum to think there is more than that.

surely guys there is a solution to it.this is a serious situation you can walk tough to your claim the chances are high you going to walk out of there limping and that goes both ways,lets not be a f**kn donald trump assuming we got bigger buttons to push

Lets not lose sight of this interesting thread Shep. I can say that I would not be very happy if I found somebody on my claim. The point here is not about what the repercussions would be if caught red handed but more about dredging on someone else claim by mistake. Shep it is not possible to dredge on someone else claim by mistake. You either have your own claim to dredge on or you don’t. If you don’t have a claim or permission to dredge then you are operating illegally. Simple as that! Time to sell the dredge and take up another hobby or at least try and purchase your own lease.