Manuherikia claims

why would i sell my dredge when ive a place to dredge?my point from the beginning is the advice that was given when catching an illegal not sticking up for illegal dredging my point is you cant hurt people as if you have caught a burgler in your house cause at the end of the day you are the one who will end up in more trouble.
i dont know were this is coming from about taking up another hobby not every dredge owner has a claim but its something you work towards your goal and dream.
here is an idea for any person caught on a claim illegally

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I think people’s tongues were in their cheek when they made these comments. Call it ‘Kiwi humour’ lol

Like I have said before. From 2 km away, pull out your 50 cal. And shoot the pontoons. When it sinks in the deep water, all your gold will be put back where it came from. Then you can spend the afternoon watching as 1 or 2 idiots try to recover their dredge from the bottom of the river. IF they manage to get it to the surface. That’s when you show up, take pics, if you want the dredge, and then show your local, useless as fuck pig, that someone has been on your claim stealing your gold. When he doesn’t give a flying fuck, mention you spent some time in Texas and learned how to shoot first, ask questions later. Kinda the same thing the pig is doing. Then, if your really lucky, the useless fuck might do something. Otherwise. There is plenty of dredging holes to be filled.

And to anybody who has never met Shep in person. He is a good honest guy. I have told him to jump on my claim and he will not unless I am around to OK where he wants to dredge. So don’t worry about him stealing your gold. Not every river has a claim in it. And I am sure some of you have a speeding ticket, drink driving, or smoke a little ganja. It’s only illegal when you get caught. If there is no claim, it’s owned by our government. If you need an explanation on how they fuck us on the daily. There is someone here who can explain that all to you.

A claim is a claim. I have caught guys dredging on someone else’s claim. 3m from a sign saying there is a claim. Drove right thru the gate, where there is another sign. And parked right beside a tree, where there is another sign. Ignorance these days is about as common as someone having brains. Do what you gotta do to keep people out. It’s only illegal if YOU get caught also.

If it is becoming a real problem. Talk to your local dumb fuck cop. Tell him you are recording your convo. Let him know your rights. Set up game cameras at all access point to your claim. If the cop doesn’t care, then I have pointed out a few things you can do. If your to cheap to do that. You can just shut up and stop complaining now.


All a claim owner can do is call the cops, and if they are interested they may be inclined to turn up. As I have stated previously take photos, and ask them to leave, or if you see past the red screen of anger possibly come to an arrangement that is win win, all this talk of confiscation, shooting pontoons etc is meer fantasy, and in the real world is not supported by law. Illegal dredging is theft, and there is a proper course of action as far as theft is concerned, photos and videos are the way forward in the absence of communications.


oh, and signs in obvious locations, so that they cannot dispute that they didnt know they were on a claim. Dredging without a claim is illegal, but that comes down to whether the Crown can be bothered about it. Dredging on someone’s property (claim is property) is a different matter.


being reading this post with interest. I have a 45/70 if you want to use it . (kiwi humor) . it would ake them up pretty quick but if waited till heads down in the creek sneak up and put a knife through 2 of there tyres they would never know who had been there.

I had a problem when I had my claim with poaches . I confronted the guy who turned out to be quite a reasonable dude. I just said that you can work this bit of river and no where else in exchange kick out anybody else you see. it seemed to work. after all one cant work a whole claim in the time allowed by you permit. not unless you are there full time then you wouldn’t get poaches as they would know you were there.

other methods of keeping poaches out . turn some farming harrows upside down in a mud puddle . a trip wire across the road at cab height that will take the cab right off. dig some pits and sharped some sticks in the bottom. the best is last ….put a shit up there exhaust pipe and a bit of tape over the end they start the motor find it isn’t running investigate take the tape of then look up the pipe as the other bloke is starting the motor. need I say more.( to save guard myself all these ideas are kiwi humor)


Look, what you need is one of these car horns and a trip wire set up. They will shit themselves


that’s a guy with a sick sense of humour. I like it. :grinning:

I agree with GoldenEel. I would contact Police, Crown Minerals and the Head Compliance Officer and give them all relevant photos and info, gps location. Leave a paper or e-mail trail so your complaint is recorded.

you are right gold stamp x ,shep is not a bad block this guy has done way more things for people who are from all walks of life was reading an old magazine with a photo of him holding an award he got helping the youth

shep is the founder of youth foundation that motivates the youth around the southisland his involved in a number of outdoor adventures teaches to build motorised machines,go karts will even run into the youth foundation trucks and vans at rivers and lakes were kids go on kayaks.Some people know him by his nickname the cleaner.this is not the kind of person that would go on your claim and steal your gold.So to the ones that think just owning a claim gives you the right to judge a book by its cover here is an example of a person who is different from what you think
@ gold stamp I so agree to every word on your comment apart from shoot lol but at least you give people that ask the opportunity to dredge

Those signs your saw, would that have been up on my claim on the Arrow? I really did have a problem with someone who thought they could do as they please, but after a little effort, I know their name and where they live.

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Sorry mate. They were not on your claim. They are on the next creek over from my claim.

To all the poachers out there who read this site. When you think your in the middle of no where. Someone will always show up and ruin your fun. Just ask. Most people will help you if you help them. Once your caught tho. It’s hard to trust you anymore.

yup its a bastard having two flat tyres and one spare.

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wwwoooww you seem to know a bit about me.thank you good to know there people out there that have trust in me no matter what my comments are