"Mal's Gold Adventures"

Its a pimped out glide bike :joy:

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Just made up a chill vid showcasing some of the beautiful country we discover while prospecting using some old footage…you all have a yourselves a great new year guys n girls! Hope next years gold tally is a good one !


Nice footage Mal. Only it was too bloody short. Cheers.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Still buzzing out at the moment guys!!..just came home from a 12 day gold sabbatical touring around the south Island…hooking up with quite a few local prospectors from this group and others…was totally amazing!!..5 days dredging on a 8 inch,river fossicking up in the Aorere PFA and surrounding areas…and finally was lucky enough to gain access to a vast remote Quartz reef area…detected chunky gold (7 grams)straight out of an array of mineralized quartz veins with the gold monster…did heaps of km’s…lost 4.5 kgs and came back with over 44 grams of gold.(and still counting…still got some species to bust open!)…will be a while before I release any trailers or vids on Youtube so I’d thought I’d start off by loading up a selection of photos… I’m afraid I can’t reveal the locations of most of it…feel free to guess!


Wow…way cool Mal. Happy for you. Cant wait to see more.
Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Looking forward to seeing the new adventures! Well done mate! :metal:

nice work m8 good one

Just uploading a few more photos of my trip to golden bay earlier in the month…including gold porn…I have some gold for sale on trade me if anyone is interested…ref (#2536447165) and (#2536454995)


Detected gold


Nice stash Mal. You been busy out there.

Wow, that is a huge haul! Good effort!!

Blimey good effort mate, that’s a very arousing selection of golden porn! I never find much when I pop over the hill, need to try harder :roll_eyes:

Ok Guy’s a short video of my trip is now up on youtube!
Hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.more to come!!


Nice one Mal. That rock wrestling looks like a good workout.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Serious work Mal, great underwater filming, loved the rock dance. Thanks for sharing.

awesome Mel never get sick of watching gold vids

Thanks guys!..I was suppose to stay dredging for longer but unfortunately my ears couldn’t handle the long dives and they became infected…we’ve only just healed actually…pretty gutted …was starting to get the hang of it …dredgers are hard arse MF…I reckon!!..respect!!


swimmers ear drops work, been there with infections , broken bones ect you right tho some gold dredgers are hard arse and just suck it up , excuse the pun other pussies don’t get there panties wet let alone get under

Earplugs any good?..keep the water out…after years of panning I realize all gold is at the bottom…get a dredge…lol!

vosol its called is in a small bottle squirt a couple drops in your ears ,not sure about ear plugs I doubt they would stay in , I learnt couple of things over the past 15 years about dredging , and that’s all the gold is on the bedrock and all the gold is on the bedrock ow and panning tells you nothing

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earplugs will burst your eardrums DO NOT TRY!!!
Even a very tight fitting hood causes extreme discomfort when the trapped air pressurizes as you go deeper then a meter or so.

tried vosol and found it to harsh on my ears and would sting and itch badly just dry your ears every evening after dredging, I just twist up a bita cotton wool so its skinny and wick out the water its prob not the best but works for me (earbuds dont soak up much either)