Luggate River Claim 49% for sale

Hi folks,

I have just been helping out a mate with a claim in the Luggate River within the DoC Conservation Area. Bright chunky gold up there. He is looking to sell 49% of it. Access through private farms has been confirmed and the DoC access agreement for 10 years is close to being signed off.

Any questions, just ask and I can pass them on.


How much roughly is he looking for half the claim??$$

Not sure. Cant get hold of him for now, he is hard to track down.

This sounds very reminiscent of the Cardrona claim you were involved with. I honestly smelt a rat with that whole situation & more so the way it “sold” on trademe. I found it very odd that the person who listed it, the supposed claim owner, on trademe was based in Australia. The wording in the listing stated that this claim WILL sell. And sell it did for 80k…to guess who?..someone in Australia. And the thing that really gave the show away to me was that that “person” never asked one question about the claim. Anybody who knows anything about the history of mining on the Cardrona will know that the upper shallow easy reaches have been thrashed by every man & his dog over the years. And the lower reaches from the pub down were done by digger & screen back in the late eighties early nineties & is ground way too deep for a suction dredge to even consider. Guess that is why it is still for sale now more than a year later.

Mangrove said.

Not sure. Cant get hold of him for now, he is hard to track down.

I guess this guy is in Australia too.

Yeah thanks Robyn.
You are incorrect on both counts. The dude who has thus is useless with his cellphone. I get nothing from this and have helped well over 20 people with consents, walked rivers with electrofishers and archaeoligists and written access documents for doc/linz etc and have never asked a cent.

What are the restrictions of the claim:
max dredge size
how many dredges are you aloud
Hp restrictions
Are there restrictions around what time of the year you can dredge

Has a resource consent been required or does this fit under the ORC guidelines. You mentioned fish surveys. Im assuming it falls under section 7 of the ORC and is a water body sensitive to suction dredging or was this needed for DOC access? If this is the case there must be some type of restriction?



I havnt seen any limit on number of dredges. 5inch limit on the doc access but thats about as big as the river can accommodate. Am unsure about any hp limits as I havnt seen the access document from doc. This claim is not mine, I just offered to write access applications etc and said I could advise the paydirt community that he wants to sell half. Will need to find out more info but if anyone is interested then they can pm me.

It seems strange to me that he is selling 49 percent. That would mean that he has the controlling share and can make decisions over and above the 49 percent shareholder or veto what the 49 percent shareholder might want or suggest. I once saw a situation like this end in custard when the major shareholder ’ pulled rank’ on the minor shareholder which led to a great deal of bitterness and cost when the minor shareholder had no real say in the matter.

That other 1 percent makes the difference to me and means equality in the decision making.

I would never considered it whereas I might consider a fifty/ fifty.

Yeah fair call there Lammerlaw, I agree- last time we spoke was when I was helping with his DoC access agreement. He was concerned about who will file the annual returns as the justification for that approach.

I can see a logic in that but what he should do is have a legal agreement so that it is fifty/ fifty but his concerns are addressed in the agreement. That is that he is given a written declaration from the other shareholder as to gold recovered and then he covers himself in the declaration by declaring his and then the other parties separately eg Gold recovered for period xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx - Joe Bloggs 125 grams - Freddy McGripper 97.5 grams. Have a standard covering notification that the other party operates independently and give their contact details and include a copy of their return declaration to you as claim filer.

A clause should also be written in that the other parties costs will be submitted by such and such a date otherwise the contract becomes nul and void after a default period of say 90 days has lapsed.

We never had these things. Everyone, and I have been involved in claims with quite a few others just fell into place due to good honest and honourable friendships and mutual loyalties and also family membership in cases.

A 49/51 percent shareholding will in affect make no difference

Hope that makes some sense.

Couldn’t agree more Lammerlaw…

btw, the name Freddy McGripper is comedy genius!

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There were three kids in that family - Freddy Mcgripper, Percy McGripper and Fanny McGripper. Apparently Fanny followed an ancient profession and died at the beach after having suffered an attack of crabs which apparently she caught from a Negro Lascar from a Belfast coaling ship…I can only assume that he engaged in a little fishing from time to time.


Can’t find this claim marked on the permit map. Does it have a claim number ?

It’s on trade me now

awesome piece of country I walked the whole gorge about 7 times from top to bottom , doing possum control work for excel about 3 years ago, I also did the princess and alice burn, there are a lot of workings in places, I have no doubt that there is some good gold to be had , I panned some really nice colour in places , way outa my price range tho , its go hard or go home country id love to see some results from dredging , is also drysuit country the water was bloody cold for summer , I found this cool old bottle up in the basin, the criffel diggings where abit of an unknown as to exactly how much gold was taken up there as its thought a lot was sold on the black market and not recorded


Just checked the trademe ad out. The entire claim is for sale now, not 49%.

I know this claim as I have provided free RMA work to the bloke who owns it. That offer of free advice and help writing consent applications, access applications etc applies to any hobby miner by the way so just ask and save your money for beer, meat and petrol when you’re out mining. I have taken a bloke up to check the claim out but he bought a claim on the coast instead. The photo of the gold in the pan was found by him and me doing a few sample pans. Any questions just ask

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I’m working in the entire area at the moment, and by crikey those old fellas searched every bit of this land, there’s a hut site, water race, dam, tailings in almost every Creek on that end of the Pisa range. History lying everywhere, just a couple of days ago found a couple of admits with a pick axe sitting just in the entrance.

I found it great when doing control work here on the coast and golden bay , you got to see stuff no one else did . there is so much out there

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Ha, there wasn’t so much interesting tidbits to see in kurow on that bloody input, eh Keith!!