Luggate River Claim 49% for sale

right on there. but it was still a great place apart from the drive to get there. didn’t realize you were into the gold as well. haven’t worked since that job, although I still chase the goats round the hills for meat.
tad even shot one when he came over. don’t keep the best these days so im pretty slow on the hill . never mind been there and done that.

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You were brilliant on the hill, kept everyone amused!
Yeah I saw the pic’s, looked like a great weekend.
Not so much into the gold, more relics with the detector, though the amount of gold area’s I’m in it’s just as well mine is crap for nugs…
Sounds like you’re having a ball though, keep at it!!

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The trademe ad for the luggate claim is back online. I thought it had sold. 35k for the whole claim rather than 25k tor 50% as it was mentioned earlier.

Gidday, hey is this the same claim that is for sale on trade me at the moment? Cheers

Yep. Its still for sale. Aaron templer the claim owner has asked me to assist with selling it. Any RMA or DoC access questions feel free to ask me otherwise i can get him to ring you.

At the moment there are two guys from central seperately interested and another down from auckland on the 17th for a flyover and sample.

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Hi Kiwijw,

Is this the Cardrona claim that’s currently on trade me? Would you consider it worthwhile investigating? I’m looking for something Il at least have a chat of recouping my investment before it drys up… seems there’s a few Otago claims for sale on TM. Sorry to ask, but just doing some due diligence :wink::+1:


Yer this one

I will send you a PM.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Cheers mate, much appreciated :+1: