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A Lost Rings category might be useful.



Yes, that is a great idea.
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Not a bad idea. If we get a lot of stuff lost posted here I’ll spin something up. Maybe name it something a bit more generic though as could be lost jewelry, keys, etc. “Lost, Want Found” maybe?

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Ha ha cheers… Yes they do look alike but privacy and the www don’t really go well together so that’s one solution.

Yes gaining access no problem at all. The big issue is the location and the amount of trash that is all around the ‘suspected spot’… Blue tarps(eyelets) half buried, roofing iron, wood all over the place full of nails, lead heads galore, cast iron bits and bobs scattered everywhere, long grass and bushes… Basically pretty challenging and a typical ‘down the back of the section’ dumping ground.

The first lost ring (while loading/unloading green waste) may have even fallen off at the transfer station?
This latest ring was lost loading/unloading firewood, even went up the road to where they were loading the wood. Wow I have not swung a coil over such ‘clean’ ground before, even had my young eager helper toss one of his prized 1c coins to break the radio silence :mute:

I would like to have another crack at it but I think a little tidy up prior to my arrival might be the go.

On a positive note I think the young boy is hooked , man was he keen :smiley:

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Ok, let’s just give it a go and see if it gets used.