Attempting to find lost ring

I’ve got a wee ring recovery project lined up in next few days.

Bit ironic really, I had a search for the fathers wedding ring about a year back … Trash everywhere, long grass, lots of roofing iron fences along with buried scraps.
Result was a bust, this time around it’s the sons wedding ring in exactly the same place!

The family is going through a pretty rough patch at the moment so I do hope I can find it, or even better two :smiley:

This latest ring is titanium … Never ever found one. I will probably take the F4 with me. Any idea on what sort of approx reading to be looking out for, on the basis of gold reading around the 25/35 ish range?

I’m guessing higher than gold.

Mens Ti plain band on all metal @3" gives a solid 24, opening up to 24-27 at 6"

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Just back from the lost ring search… Long story short it was a bust. I did find one silver ring but not the two I was hoping to stumble apon.
Thanks for the info MW, oh well I did make the boys day especially when we got onto a 1c/2c glory hole!

Just a bit disappointed I couldn’t have put a smile on the Uncles face, who knows the said rings may not even be on the property.

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Still only early days though, and time is your enemy. Is it an easy revisit? Keep grinding away and they’ll likely surface

I’ve got eight on the books that still elude me (although they are mostly beach losses plus 1 in blackberry, 1 in a mass of Honeysuckle)

Love the Emojis in the pic…or is it a hereditary thing?

I went to a ring recovery where I was told the wife was gardening and it was likely dropped and ended up under the deck. No joy.
Then we started to expand the search area into gardens further afield and even out onto the street.
When I pointed out the unlikelihood of the ring rolling up hill the rest of the story came out. Turns out the couple had had a fight and she opened the back door and threw the ring!
An attempted simulation showed that the ring most likely ended up out on the street which had quite busy foot traffic. So most likely scenario being that the ring walked off.