Looking for somewhere for me and my 9-year-old to go in the Nelson region

Hey guys…
I’m new to joining the site but have been watching and reading for a while now.
I’ve been a part time Wanderer and panner for years with some good success panning around the Ross region, where I have ex in-laws… not sure if I’m still be welcome there which is a shame as they are really cool people…
Now in my 50s with a 9 year old son and we have just brought a very capable four-wheel drive soccer mum Nissan and gold monster 1000 and we’re looking for somewhere to go where we won’t get arrested in the Nelson and surrounding regions…
Was wondering about canvastown…or up the Sherry river out of the back of tapawera…
But I’ve just read the report about needing to get mining permits to go anywhere other than fossicking sites …
don’t want to be anyone’s claim without promotion…
but also just want to have a play in some of our New Zealand rivers without the man coming down on me…
So wondering has anyone got any suggestions of what me and the boy can do and where we can go…

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hi. sorry I cant help you but there are a lot of pretty understanding guys on here. someone will possibly let you on their claim. just keep checking back here. might not get replies instantly

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Cheers dude thanks for letting me know

I have a number of mining and exploration permits in the Golden Bay and Murchison area you are free to go anywhere on them as long as you only are panning metal detecting and sluicing no motorized equipment is allowed and you must get land owner permission for access if you have to go through private property. Permit numbers are. 41744, 41728, 60207 60162, 60302. There are good panning results to be had in the Maruia and Buller permits


saw your reply to this request my name is michael also in my 50s looking for claims to go on without being told of for going to the wrong place .Just want to do some panning and little bit of sluicing i do have a friend i go out with now and then but mostly on my own would love to talk if that would be okay you can text or get me on 0211595191

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Wow Danny
What an amazing offer. Thanks so much.
As we are still finding our gold legs
( mainly wee man asking how long will we be out here when we have only just turned up)
I’ll get back to you as soon as and take you up on that offer…
And we will be able to offer you some of the worlds best peanut butter in return.
Cheers man.

Hi Daniel

What an awesome guy you are!
Just wondering if you are ok for me to have a pan/sluice on one of your claims at some point in the spring?
What is access like and do you know any of the farmers contact details for access to any of the sites?
Please text or phone me - 027 431 0520 to have initial chat and so that I have your number and could touch base with should you allow me the chance for a weekend to look around one of your claims.
Really hope to hear from you.
Kind regards

The offer to Peanut to use hand methods to prospect on my mining and exploration permits is open to all there is no need for anyone to contact me. I’m happy for anyone to give them a try if you do well or otherwise nice to hear about it on the forum. These are the permit numbers again 41744, 41728, 60207 60162, 60302 please respect landowners and ask permission before going through private property and if permission is denied respect the landowners right to say no.


Thanks so much, can’t wait till the next long weekend!!

thanks for contacting me the other day Dan. I’ve since found your post and I"m worrking on the maps and accomodation on the Murchiosn and Buler permit. Lance

Your welcome great to take you son out panning, one of the best places to try is at the mouth of the Slate river on my Aorere Slate Permit 41744. Bit of a walk to get there if you do not have a 4WD but if you do just a short walk down the hill from the end of the 4WD track. You do not need to get any landowners permission to get there either.

thanks Danny. I’ll keep that in mind. I was looking at the Aorere but now undecided after reading your comments on the Mauia and Bullar Permits. Lance

The Maruia is great for getting a lot of colour but the gold is very fine and does not weigh up very well.

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hi i have visited the fossicing areas a few times on aorere river, would like to have a look at your claim there with my daughter. all the best aidan

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Welcome Aidan. Let us know how you do. We’re planning to come over from Lower Hutt before Xmas if things work out. Lance


I am in Blenheim but will take you up on your kind offer to all mongol, if I get over that way. Very new to panning but really impressed with this community on Paydirt. All seem very helpful in sharing knowledge and locations

Canvastown is where I go. The Pinedale Camp ground have permission to let use the claim. Free if you’re staying at the camp ground, $5 if you’re now. I have had much luck there but still learning and enjoying all the same

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do you how gave you that as thats min and jason claim and if you stay ther or not you shod pay coz it gos to halp out the claim

Jade, your message isn’t clear so not sure what you’re saying. It’s a beautiful place to pan, hoping one day to see a little more colour

this is my claim at Pinedale Camp ground

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