Looking for somewhere for me and my 9-year-old to go in the Nelson region

Awesome. Appreciate you allowing others to pan there

if thay pay and got our say so yes

I got the ok from the camp ground and pay them $5 each time I go. Is that good?

Gezzzz Jade…What school did you go to?? :laughing:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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thats fin for now only at the camp pan and sluiceing wen you going


@Mongolminer that is very generous I am a complete novice. I am heading to Aorere today and was going to work the public fossicking areas. I am hoping your offer is still valid

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Still stands go for it good luck.

Cheers Jade, I only ever go where the camp ground is, just down the path at the very back of the camp. I haven’t had much luck there, I think you’ve got it all :wink:

its ther we did ok in end


Awesome. Busy with work at the mo but I’ll get back soon

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happy to halp eney why hit me up and i can take you out

Thanks mate, sounds good. Much appreciated