Looking for a partner. Possibly

Hey guys, girls, and unicorns. I am possibly looking for a partner for the upcoming dredging season. Possibly because I can do it alone, but PROPER HELP would be nice. Anyone with the dream to get rich quick can stop reading now.

I average a little more then 1 gram an hour. So having someone in the water helping me does not pay any better. I would like to find someone that would like to do hours on their own. We would both help each other winch boulders. But I really can’t be fucked to spend more then 5 hours in the water. I would dredge for 5 hours or so. Then you can have a go.

I would enjoy it if you had a little experience with gold. To know how hard you have to work to find it. I will bury you in a hole if you turn into a thief. I will also spend the time to train someone if they show the drive to learn and really enjoy dredging. It is not a full time job either. You will be doing it for the relaxing lifestyle. Not a huge pay check.

Here is the kicker. My claim is remote. 20km quad ride in. 20km out. 90km to the closest countdown or NW. If you need to sleep in your own bed each night. Don’t bother me. I spend a week at a time, depending on weather, at my camp. EVERYTHING needs to be carried in. So its a bit rough. But this isnt the pussies club you want to join. It’s a life style. Not a full time year round job. I only do it for 3 months. Dec, Jan, Feb. That’s it, that’s all. No, you can not keep doing it while I am not there. No, you can not lease some ground. No, you can not bring your own dredge.

If I haven’t scared you off. This is the deal. You pay for half the gas and Food. It’s my dredge, camp, and quad bike you will be using. I take 25% of what YOU find. You get 0% of what I find. If you last the whole season I will give you back 5% so your only paying 20%. Like I said. I get a little more the 1 gram and hour. So roughly $50. It only pays if you work hard and put in the time.

I am really only doing this because I really hate spending a hour in a wet suit winching rocks. Up and down. Up and down. I don’t want someone with kids, a wife( unless she is super sexy and can cook and will come down), or any other bullshit that your going to have to go home and deal with. For the right person. This is a pretty awesome deal. No claim fees, use of a dredge, and remote as fuck. For the wrong person. It’s going to be your worse nightmare.

Apply thru pm please.


I can definitely vouch for Goldstamp…he’s a stand up guy…very knowledgeable about all things gold…I learnt heaps about dredging when I came down and gave him a hand…physically very demanding work so would suit a person who is physically fit with experience diving and can handle staying in a bush camp…gave me a fair share of the gold for my hard earnt efforts too!!
You will need a good fitted wetsuit as the stream is nuts knumbingly cold!!
You can check out the setup on my youtube vid “land of the brave”…hope you get some good help Goldstamp!


you forgot to mention no wifi there mate, thatll weed out a few more sissy types.


do you have a latté shop close by. I like my coffee. how bout the paper delivery .

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Thanks Mal. Heal up and your welcome to come back.

Opps. No wifi ladies and unicorns. Closest cafe is 45km away. Has paper also. You can keep heading that way till you get home. Probably cheaper and better coffee there.


would love to help out for a week, before I start on my own claim again, be nice to mix the adventures up.

So lets get this straight. I essentially pay for my own fuel and am limited as to pretty much where I can dredge after helping you winch rocks for 5 hours (so as to essentially increase your gold take) and then when I go dredging ( after busting my ass helping you while you’ve dredged during the best parts of the day) I give you back 25% of the gold I find.
Oh and Im helping you by carting in your gear and provisions as well. After all your after “proper help”

Sounds like a brilliant deal!


You forgot about the “relaxing lifestyle” part.


Oh I forgot the 90 km trip to countdown as well.

Means if I need “some fresh chicken” after a few beers on a Saturday and its that time of the month for the wife, well its just a short drive down the road

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For forty or so years we allowed people to work on our claims at no charge and other than being asked to keep away from certain spots which we were working there were no restrictions. I think Dad may have allowed a few strangers with dredges on at 6 percent royalty.

However Goldstamps offer is not unreasonable - think about it - has he asked for a share in paying the claim costs? You are contributing to the wear and tear on his dredge, camp gear and quad bike. You dont have to pay for a claim, you are not restricted to a miserable Public Fossicking area and you dont have to buy gear.

As for the lifestyle - it is not gruelling in the least. Gruelling is carrying a 3 inch Aqualite pump and 8 horsepower engine - on your own - over a k of high tussock and being trapped for eight days by the weather. Goldstamps offer sounds a good deal to me and a great experience.


Thanks Lammerlaw.

As for the rest of you. I never said you had to winch rocks for 5 hours. I never said anything about helping me while I am dredge. Other then to help me move a rock here and there because it takes way to long alone. Just as when you need a rock moved. I will help you. If you want, You can dredge first. Or we can switch each day. I don’t really care.

But leave it to the fucking pussies to start there bitching. Go fuck around in the public areas. See if I give a flying fuck you get $5 worth of gold for busting your balls all day. Then get to go back home and bang your wife on the rag.

I would love to hear about the job you have that pays you $200 for 4 hours of work. Then maybe you could afford a claim of your own. A $12,000 dredge, an extra quad bike to help some pussy find gold, and the patience to deal with fucking greedy idiots.


well gold stampx you should say what you mean instead of beating round the bush
if I was younger I would be there. people don’t realize the cost of things or the work that goes in to get things set up. I think who ever goes with you are getting a good deal . give me a pm to let me know where you are. cheers .


Yeah mate, we don’t need just pure money makers here, passion must be followed first, money can come in later. All the money creepers should not be a part of this.

if I was 30 years younger. 30kg lighter and 30% fitter id certainly be a starter.

This is my share of the gold I got to take home!! 0.3 to 1.1 gramers!
Some pieces I made into ear rings for my daughter…a nice small pendant for my wife… the rest takes pride of place in a glass vile on my display shelf…worth every gram!


Money creepers? Lets just forget about the mortgage & rates shall we?
$50 bucks per hour less tax & expenses don’t leave a whole lot.

If you don’t need to worry about money, then yes, a great experience in a fantastic piece of NZ back country. A great opportunity for the right person.

try living on a pension if you think $50 /hour isn’t much. I get that per day


Give me fifty an hour and I will make you the Patron Saint of paupers because it is not to be sneezed at.

Whoa man take the chill brother! As I said its a great deal …for u
$200 of gold for 4 hours dredging minus your 25% equates to $150 for me. But that 4 hours of work doesn’t take into consideration the 5 hours im helping you move rock or sitting round twiddling my thumbs watching you dredge. After all as you say you only do 5 hours of dredging per day.
So when the maths are done dude its looks like this: $150 divided by 4 hours of me dredging + 5 hours of me watching you dredge plus shift rocks = 9 hours total. That works out at $16.67 /hr , Oh I I forgot to assume Im burning approx approx $5 an hour of fuel (approx) which I paid for then that my sir brings it down to a paltry $11.67 per hour.
This also doesn’t take into consideration the time Im also spending doing other stuff for you like move all your crap into and out of camp and putting up with you. Im sure we would get along real good, sort of like the scene out of the movie Deliverance
Hears my counter offer- I bring my wife which I charge out at $200 per day to “use” ( she’s used too some sick shit man so anything and I mean “anything” is up for the play) , ill give you back a 25% rebate which equates to $150 per day total you pay if you can make her shut her mouth and not get to lippy. The bonus is she can do all the cooking and cleaning as well! Just a warning though for some reason she goes absolutely bat shit crazy during rag week

I have thirty years dredging experience from 20 feet deep(Calm) to white water dredging requiring two weight belts and all sorts of safety harness’s on anchor points. I see this as a very fare deal. Half the food, half the fuel, well of course that is what you will be using on your own account. As for sitting watching well Gold Stamp has to do that too. Basically all the banter aside what you are getting is, Use of the claim, use of all the gear, with a tribute of 20% being payed to the claim owner. He will help you move boulders during your shift, and you will help him move boulders during his shift. As to best hours, there are none in the dredging game. Start early finish late, hell its daylight saving. Dredging is not for woose’s. Big feature here is safety, Dredging alone in that place is fraught with danger, I saw Mals Vid. Those are mean boulders. He watches your back,you watch his… If you were to go tribute on a claim with your own gear, expect to pay 15% or above in the way of tribute. And looking at the gold Mal got on that claim, if I was younger I would be champing at the bit to get there.

Cheers Trev. .