Lockdown Gold (share your pix and stories)

Is everyone ok?.. I’m finding this lockdown a bit more challenging this time round… got goldfever withdrawls real bad …I know …so lets share some of your favourite gold photos and stories!..can be of anything gold related…your campsite,group of mates ,clean out,cool location,back in the day,favourite nugg,middle a no where,…come on dig em out people!! …its gonna be a long bl-__dy lockdown…
if we can share our memories help pass the time…here s a couple of mine …Mal
P.S. Stay the F–k @ home!!

Slab hut …great spot

This years nuggs


Some real nice nugs there mate. How much are the bigger pieces weighing? Well done.

One consolidation… still winter and a fair bit of crap weather so it’s not eating into the gold adventures too much at present! :slight_smile:


Spent ten days shoveling at Slab Hut earlier this season.

Just on 3 grams for my efforts :crazy_face:


Almost as good as German Creek Ned!!!

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a week digging at Goldsborough doc site earlier this season

although the creek looks deserted the sound of shovels and rocks being moved was on going.

a call out to some of you guys I met here, Roger, Boon, Matt and Rooster

old miners hut in the bush

Camping just a stone throw from the creek


Here is a really quick share,

This was the trip we were only onto the spot for legit 1 hour but it was the best single bucket we had ever dug the 1 classified bucket (about 18L of gravel or 0.018 of a M2) had 1.2 grams of gold the single bucket, the weird thing was there was minimal gold on the surface (this was the first time we were at this creek) but we dug down to the bedrock (only about 1/4M deep) and then where we were digging happened to have a almost pit that went a fair bit deeper and we dug into that and did a test pan and 20 flakes!!! Is was insane the pit was not the biggest and in total incl overburden we only got about the 1 bucket plus about 3 pans, but it was absolutetly insane, suprisngly we could not find a single other spot anywhere near that good in the creek it just happened to be that first spot on that pit, it was insane, no super chunky gold no pickers I would say nothing more then 0.0025 of a gram pieces. But we were so hyped after that thought the intire creek was the find of the century but alas the gold did not continue anywhere near that good.

(note this cleanup image was more like 2.2 grams as the intire day digging the rest of the creek we got about 1 gram)


Definitely miss the good old days…:smirk:

Life and full time work gets in the way nowadays


Here is picture of a slice of rock with gold in it. I found this quite some years ago in waste rock from around a historic hard rock gold mine in Central Otago. This is quite a special piece for me as its the only hard Rock gold I’ve found. Would love to find a reef one day!

And the following is a picture of some pretty gold I’ve found over the last 10 years or so. Lots of hours and days and weeks spent to find these, each nugget has a story behind it and looking at them takes me straight back to the time I found it. Great for times like now.


Wow Matt. That is very awesome. Nice find & quite special. I am guessing you detected it?
I have found numerous smallish gold quartz specimen pieces but nothing quite like that.

Yes… many a piece of found gold takes you back to where & when you found it. Funny how you never seem to forget. Like rewinding a video.

Hope all is well with you & family. Take care, stay safe keep well.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:.

Last few weeks of detected gold from three different spots. Hence the three rows. The middle row I have been back to twice as I hit a little glory hole that kept on giving. I went back the 2nd time with a shovel to make digging easier & when signals dried up I just kept on digging & more kept coming to light. 4.97 grams in that pile & bang on 7 grams all up.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi JW, that gold in rock was actually just found in some random rocks I collected from around the workings and then sliced up. Possibly the equinox could detect it but I think it would be beyond the gold bug I was running back then

Hi Matt. That would have been a pleasant surprise.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Here’s a few from my phone, sometimes we find gold… sometimes we don’t, but we always enjoy getting out there for the hunt. Enjoy lockdown guys and gals…the gold will still be there when we’re allowed out.


Thanks everyone who contributed to this …some very cool pix there …keep em coming…more the better…even if your a newbie and only show some wee flakes…took me 3 seasons to get my first gram of gold!!


This is great thread to keep the fever going during this time of being stuck at home. I think I’ll buy a place next to a river with gold in it so I can mine during the next lockdown… Dream are free


A few random pics from my phone, cant wait to get back out there… (soon I hope)


Sometime ago, early in my detecting days, I located this crevice in the clear waters of a mountain stream. The crevice cut through solid bedrock, was 5-8mm wide at the surface and narrowing with depth. Using the tools I had on hand (tweezers, geo hammer, flathead screwdriver) I recovered everything I could. Which on my first attempt was approximately 3-4grams of pickers and small nuggets. However, my trusty Goldbug told me more gold was present at depth….

On my second attempt I returned with a small chisel bar, and my new fit for purpose tool made from a wood blade from a reciprocating saw. The new tool came into its own, with an additional ~7grams recovered (the gold in the photos). Again, I left the scene knowing more treasure lay at depth…

I returned a third time with a full-size crowbar and recovered another gram or so. All in, over 12 grams from this wee number


Fingers crossed us south islanders may be allowed to go for a wee scratch for gold on the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey nuggetned i met you up at Slab Hut on this mission, thanks for all the help and ideas. Have been visiting Goldsbrough and nearly have a gram lol. lots of fun though.

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