Lockdown Gold (share your pix and stories)

Hi Iona, nice to hear from you, great you have found some colour, must be a picker with your name on it just waiting for your shovel. Roll on summer.
toot toot.

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mmm so therapeutic…just what I needed


Heres my recent efforts from the arrow from about 4 weeks back. Sure am itching to get a sluice and get back out there. Stay safe all of you out there


So this is not really a story but we thought since its lockdown and we recently reached 250 subs so we thought we would do a gold paydirt giveaway!

Its completley free and super easy to enter, good luck :slight_smile:


still a thrill when you hit a little rich spot like that,

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Looks like some nice wee chunky bits in there nice one :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Not all that glitters.

I thought I would share with you all a true goldfields story. I am no orator of the likes of Keith or Graeme but will relate to you to the best of my ability of a strange happenings to me. I was about to post this under the topic, Annoying things that happen…But here is a good place to share this bit of gold now were all sitting around the fire.

It was a late summers weekend spent camping with my mates at a well known DOC campsite in the heart of the diggings…thanks Des, RIP, for the tip about the brown mud…During the day I shoveled gravel like a Viking longboat warrior, during the night we talked smack and postulated gold theories…but the good times had to end and we all had to part our separate ways. I decided to stay another night and leg it putting my thumb out back to Dunedin. As the last vehicle was leaving he stopped to talk with the driver of an arriving car…I was busy methodically working the sluice like a cuckoo clock wood chopper when suddenly my mate beckoned me over and said, “hey…um…this lovely young lady from Chile needs directions back to Dunedin and I told her you were hitch hiking and that you could give her directions to Dunedin”, “ok sure” I said, but as he was leaving he calls to me “don’t forget your gumboots” I was puzzled and went over to him, “what are you on about mate I’m wearing them”, throws me a couple of condoms as he drives away. Ha I wont need these…I was more preoccupied with finding a good bit of brown mud, a patch like what Garry found, not your usual dust.

After our dinners I invited her to sit around my camp fire and hear gold stories (PG rated). As the night grew late the weather changed so we retired to our tents. I lay there enjoying the storm when I hear at my tent door a soft voice “excuse me please help my tent has collapsed”. I sprang into goldfields action man Bear Grylls styles. Her tent was literally being torn to shreds, thrashed by tree debris and down gusts pouring with rain. I quickly removed the polls and lifted the pegs taking it by the corners scooped it up to my camp and quick as a flash had it erected opposite mine, blowing the fire back to life using my dry stash for the morning and got it cranking. Standing there with our hands warming back up steam started to evaporate off us.

After a while of drying off and warming up after the tent rescue I upped the gear on the smack talk to (R16) to keep up morale in the storm and she sat there happily listening when suddenly she came really close to me and like a cat, rubbed her smooth cheek slowly all up the side of my face, I began to kiss her like this was never going to happen to me ever again.

sooo…I ran out of Gumboots…tent too small…tent becomes a weird type of sauna…I learnt that you can stay dryer in the pouring rain by being naked around the open fire…we did not sleep a wink.

Turned out she did not need directions to Dunedin after all.


Mate Epic- i feel like a women who just read her first Mills and Boon novel

Gezzz…I was waiting for the gold story. Or was she the golden pussy? :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi guys about 2 hours of dredging in a creek around Reefton…hard work but fun…


I take it you have a claim on that creek then? :wink:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Leperesean I think this is the best yarn so far


I’d like to thank everyone for their contribution to this threat over the last couple of weeks,its been really great to read/see all of your gold pix/stories…hope everyone is ok,…days are getting longer…wont be long before we can all head out again and chase some gold…you all take care!!..Mal


Thanks to you Mal sure has helped us pass the time and see what other like minded folk have dug up, would also think this thread would have inspired others to get out into our great outdoors for a dig for their first time. Best of luck for the coming season.


Aint that the truth.

And still in lvl 3.

At least im back to the paid job now.

This crud has finally escapped jafaland and going south as fast as pos.

Wellington before end of the month then finally jumping cook straight i predict

Auckland hasnt finished yet and if it jumps Cook Straight then someone did something wrong.

Someone is ALWAYS doing things wrong.

I caught a man in the food industry not wearing his mask over the last 6 weeks-during lvl4 lockdown too.
He was a mixer of somesort!

No name dropping but dont take the risk with korn from a kettle

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