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Kwikeiths west coast places

Loving the photos! Keep them coming. I still remember my first river crossing when I bumped into you. Quite an interesting drive back across - I still appreciate following you back out!

thanks gavin. you old poacher…lol…perhaps a trip over here so I can show you round my back yard. plenty of interesting places to play. got a new lead today for up denniston, when the coal mines had a strike most of the men headed for the hills after the gold. a mate was telling me where they went so I guess when the rain has passed I better go have a look, want to come?

this is how you divert a creek first drill some holes in the bed rock put in the railway irons then line them with corrugated iron. not to hard. the old timers only had to carry the stuff a couple of hours cross country


I’m game, wouldn’t mind a wee mission with the detector. Been a while! Next likely looking weekend I’ll give you a shout :slight_smile:

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Howdy Kiwikeith, you sound like just the bloke I need to have a yak to.
Whats the best way to get hold of you?
Cheers, Hec.

hi there hec
a lot of people on the forum come and stay I have a big backyard and like to take others into my extended area. my email is
we live in hector phone 03 7828955
most of the time we are home if not I’m out hunting or looking for yellow stones.
feel free to contact me
cheers keith

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I’m game, wouldn’t mind a wee mission with the detector. Been a while! Next likely looking weekend I’ll give you a shout
good on you gavin might find some more gold like your last trip. going back up the hill as vsoon as this rain passes. so will leave some for you

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Hi Gavin you have to be game to go out with that young
bugger.up down vertical hills in 4ft deep mud.but he still
gets GOLD and he,s great company í hope to be invited back.
all the best Keith / Cas

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need some help to shift some small rocks up the creek. may need a long crowbar. I’m getting to long in the tooth to put in the hard yards. as for you grumpy you can come back any time bring your crow bar.
hail has stopped so looking good for the morning


My type of country - looks good and the stuff dreams are made of! Love it!

Look - crow bars in a box!


might just about do it…

Looks like good ground, lots of nice bedrock :slight_smile:

back up denniston with a light dusting of snow on the ground and a good covering of ice. this is the entrance of deep creek where it joins the waimangaroa river. the river alittle high after the rain. a small tiki tour round the tops and a dip with the pans in a couple of creeks with a forum member. great day…


Once again I am jellyarse but aint going anywhere - truck blew up - engine! And me double hernia operation - so nice places are dreams atm. But I sure am jellyarse!

Wow ,that is some kick arse country your getting into there Keith,vertical as and boulders the size of my house!!!
Not sure if I’d want to set off a heap of Dynamite in such a steep gully thou…lol
Can’t wait to have a look for myself some time soon(I know I’ve been meaning to come and see you for ages and will do once mum comes right).
But in the meantime please keep sending in pic’s Keith these are great for keeping the gold fever fires burning.
Will see ya soon.

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A brilliant day thank you Keith. The lunar landscapes & mountains that go on forever make it a very special place. Interesting to see around the back of Denniston & what the Stockston mine is actually doing to the landscape. Good to have a scratch aroundfor gold as well.



great day thanks for tagging along
denniston is just over the back of the far hill. bernetts face is out to the left.
pity about the old bugger in the middle of the top photo.

Awesome pics, choice.


Damn those pictures are beautiful.

Sooooo… did you get any colour? :wink: