Kitco is saying about gold

They say in the near future gold could go to 8000 per Oz to 21000 wouldn’t that be great

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It was said that it could go to $25000 and it makes sense because the scum who own the money also have taken most of the gold and when the time is right they will reestablish the gold standard…all manipulated. I would not be surprised if they also banned private ownership of gold.


Lots of folk hyped it up last time it went over 2k aswell, was gunna be 10k by xmas and ended up dropping a shiteload.
dairy payout around that time also tipped to go to 14bux kgms and crapped to a third of that.

dont beleive or get hyped up on any predictions, gold will most likely stay put or drop, large banks like jp morgan are doubling down on silver and not etfs but physical bullion and many millions of ounces. those guys know their shit and are steering clear of gold for some very good reason unknown to us.


also its scraremongering/speculation to panic people into buying before its too expensive. one of the oldest retail tricks around :slight_smile: generally the higher the price prediction or dwindling supplies the more imminent a crash will happen.
at 25k forcast theyre probably thinkin itll crash by xmas, look at futures contracts and RELIABLE forcasts from economists NOT metal dealers/traders/miners/investment firms. they all paint a picture of dropping early next year and peaking at 1750-1850 USD early in 2021, a far cry from 20 odd k …

unless our lovely govt ruins our economy and majorly devalues the nzd :roll_eyes:


Personally I think its mad to even speculate. I am kicking myself that I did not buy 3kg at the beginning of the year as I knew it would go up. It has fluctuated for years but ALWAYS tends upward and no one has any reason to suspect otherwise. Firstly it is manipulated just as Hunts manipulated silver and will continue to be so but secondly influences like devaluation, political climate etc also influence gold price.
My personal belief is that it could well hit $25,000. Does that seem stupid? If so then think of it this way. The US Government held 8000 ton in Fort Knox I understand. Influenced by Rothschilds et al the Western World went off the gold standard…gold prices then began to swing wildly…but ever tending upwards from $35 NZ in 1979 to $2400+ in 2019. Now it us VERY STRANGE that much of the American Governments gold reserves has apparently been taken to the Reserve Banks vaults. Now who owns the Reserve Bank? Mostly the Rothschilds? Smell a rat? Who largely financed Macraes mining? No other than Rothschilds! Who takes the gold that belongs to the people of New Zealand that us being mined at Macraes? Rothschilds of course! Now why would they be accumulating vaste amounts of gold when they were party to going off the gold standard? J think the reason is because they intend going back on it once they control as much if it as they can. If theg go back on the gold standard then what would the value of the reserves of gold be…I had read that it would be $25,000 per ounce.
I have followed gold and its history for 55 and more teads and I think that anyone who has it should keep it because you never know.

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Well Lammerlaw…even if it does skyrocket in time…is that not a profit even if you do buy now.???.. even though icurrently over the $2k mark??? Personally I am going to be happy with a decent profit as long as that happens before I fall off the perch. Speculation is Silver is also going to rise overtaking Gold. Who knows?? Gold will always be King. The Chinese Govt several years ago advised their population to invest in Gold…or Silver if they couldn’t afford Gold. There are far too many secrets around the elusive stuff…finding it being number 1.:rofl:

Nope I have played around with gold for many years and not time for me to buy as I have a top dollar buying price and it has passed although I have promised someone that should they need money I will buy their gold from them at spot minus five percent.
I have always felt that silver is the better bet in the long run as it is under priced and apparently world supply cannot keep up with world extraction rates.

You dont believe deep down that its going to go very high or else youd accumulate as much as you could :slight_smile:

dont get me wrong as I love to get excited about the speculative forcasts and id be more then happy to be proven wrong but at this stage we kinda have to be realistic and not in fantasy land.

if one was to believe the hype last time it peaked over 2k their investment would have barely kept up with inflation by now prob even a negative return.
golds deemed a safe investment that means low risk low rewards and with the exception of bubbles that rings true for any investment.

You have no idea what I would or would not do as you dont know me. I am sure that if you had read above then you would know what I think. Nothing surprises me but I am not going to reiterate what I have already written but gold goes up and it goes down and at the moment it may or may not be at the peak of the current high - so why the fuck would I buy it now? The chances are it will go several hundred lower as it traditionally has then next peak might be better than the $2400+

I have stated above what it could do but there are two other commodities I would buy before gold if it comes to the crunch. In any of those three commodities there has to be very pronounced increases to make it worthwhile even if dealing with the best bullion dealers as they generally charge 6% plus or minus fee to buy and take the same when it is sold so you lose around $12 in the hundred. You need a big increase to make a profit.

Had I even bought at $58,000 a kg in January and sold at $77,000 per kg then take the 6 percent at either end and was it really worthwhile? If a kg was valued at $58,000 then you could reasonably expect to pay $61,000 and if you sold when it was $77,000 then you could reasonably expect to receive $72380. That is of course $11380 profit which is good BUT who knew that it was going to go up that much this time round?

As it was I made other investments which would give me the same return more or less but which I consider a slightly better option.

Above I have discussed the gold standard and circumstances relating to the gold standard and I have no intention of repeating myself - anyone can see what I have written. Your statement ‘You dont believe deep down that its going to go very high or else youd accumulate as much as you could’ is actually ridiculous. I KNOW it is going to go higher - eventually. Still doesnt mean that I should put all my cackleberries in one basket does it?

I agree with you all on gold I know the mining company’s tell there shareholders that they found a new vein but they didn’t it’s just been put aside to get more money pumped into them pushing gold higher I personal can’t see it going that high and of it does I will be dead and gone by then I remember when gold was 50 dollars the old boys would turn in there grave knowing what the price is today

Reserve bank is owned by the NZ government not the Rothschilds.
No Macreas is largely financed by its shareholders investing capital by way of shares.
Any debt by Macreas is small in relation to its revenue roughly 60%

Invest in Silver its predicated that all known silver reserves will be exploited by about 2030 thereby pushing the price of silver up. Note silver also has a lot of industrial uses and that is set to increase.

Personally I see a revolution coming in the way of mining commodities such as metals.It is predicted that asteroid mining will revolutionize a lot of the metals that are so rare on earth as well as not causing the environmental harm associated with its extraction. We are already seeing massive amounts of money being put in by governments and the private sector into space exploration. Technology will soon allow by about 2050 to fully harvest asteroids and places like the moon for our resources.

my point was if you really believe it will go to 25k in the near future then 2400 is a bargain

I am not talking about our reserve bank…I was actually referring to the Federal Reserve Bank but I should have been clearer about that. I made a bit of a faux pas there in not clarifying which reserve Bank.
I read an interesting article about gold and other minerals in space and the possibility of developing methods of mining them in future.
Rothschilds were a major source of the money to develop Macraes. Note the article ‘Kennedy Remembers Macraes Nightmare Beginning’ and the part Rothschilds played in it. They did not play a part in it to get nothing in return. Can you tell us exactly who buys the gold that is mined there?

I gave you the figures for 6 percent so why tell me what I know. Do you think I am fucking thick? In ten months time we will see if it is stupid to buy now. I suggest that with your profound knowledge and assuredness it will be you who is buying all he can now. If I HAD intended buying it then it would have been when it was $58,000 a kg…or have I already said that?- I guess with some people it is necessary to repeat oneself!
As it us I made a far better investment back in 1987 and it has outstripped gold several times over. Those who know me will know what that investment was. Unless you want something to be taken seriously then why fucking write it unless it is written in jest…and I am sure it wasnt.

All good
Yes asteroid mining I predict will completely revolutionize our future and bring with it a vast array of benefits and further technological development. With a growing population as well as a population wanting the standard of living that we get in NZ on a global scale along with a technologies that require huge amounts of things like rare earths etc will necessitate mankind to look beyond our planet for resources. Very exciting times and we are in the cusp of a technological revolution. This revolution will make the invention of the steam engine or the automobile pale in comparison!

Space is logically where our species must go so as fulfill our innate drive as humans to explore and understand. The more we understand about the world around us the more we understand about ourselves in return!

Im not worried where Macreas sells its gold the point is they sell it and as a result a return is made back to its shareholders. I want Macreas to be profitable as a profitable business is good for for everyone

I agree with all you say except I believe that OUR gold, that is the gold that belongs to New Zealand, should stay in New Zealand. I believe that the New Zealand Government should buy it…after all they seem to be able to spend money on buying guns from decent honest law abiding citizens instead of where it should be spent.

I think we need better investment in R&D in NZ in high tech industry and to add value to our primary exports. We also need to develop better infrastructure in NZ as well as investment in green technologies but also investment in resources such as gas to help transition us away from a reliance on fossil fuels.
There is huge amounts of gas offshore the coast of Canterbury, Otago and Southland. Maybe follow what Denmark did and privatize the gas and invest that back into the country. Private/government partnerships can also be beneficial.
There is one thing in the future that we will all need more of especially with the revolution in electronic technology and that will be energy.
NZ needs to look long and hard and look at possibility of going down the route of nuclear power for our energy supply. It is after all one of the cleanest sources of energy with virtually no pollution and has the added benefit of creating high tech jobs
Sorry for going off topic!

Well to put it short…maybe Im thick or just dont know how the power game is played…but 2015… Million dollar Geothermal gold in Taupo, then Going for Kawerau gold (Herald newspaper 2015) by the Australians in NZ. 2016 I vaguely remember reading of HUGE multi million gold deposits discovered around the Rotorua/Taupo region under some mountaains/hills…now WHY has our standard of living dropped…taxes to the point where the duck has hardly any feathers left…and not to mention govt giving money away like lollies…WHEN the govt has the ability to correct and improve our own back yard with our own resources instead of letting every other Tom Dick and Harry profit off us. Maybe Im too logical…this Gold business must be ruled like diamonds…only those in the know dont care about those below??? Too much control everywhere…freedom an illusion. sob: Oh and think about this…WATER will be a commodity worth a mint…and we are giving it away. :sob::sob:

The lowest price I can find in 1979 was US$218 and the end of the year was US$512.

Maybe you meant 1969, it was US$42

Comment withdrawn by myself but due to the nature of the personal attack made I regret to inform that I will not allow unknown members access to my property in future so please do not ask. There are security cameras and entry will be deemed trespass. I apologise for that but when people bring personal attacks into an arguement then it gives one cause to tread warily as to the nature of strangers. It’s also mad for a person to say what damage he has done to a person’s property when he’s readily identifiable.