I've Been Lucky Lately

Hey guys!

Just wanna boost my ego a little by showing you my latest finds. Have spent quite some time in the water with my AT Pro lately and it has payed off! :sunglasses:

These are some of my better finds…

18K gold ring, 18K elephant pendant and a tiny 18K white gold ring

18K signet ring (stone missing :sweat:), some nice silvers and an 18K gold chain

18K gold belt buckle ring with 4 diamonds (?)

Quite unique 18K gold ring

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You beauty!
Enter that elephant in the Competition for Best Find!

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I totally would, but since it was found in Sweden I don’t think that I’m allowed to enter? :sweat_smile: It’s a great find though :grinning:

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Some fantastic finds there. Does it make me jealous? No no HELL YEAH !!
Keep on swinging

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Yay for the AT Pro :yum:
May not be the flashest machine these days, but they suck up the goodies.

Look forward to seeing more continental riches :+1:


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Hi, where do you search, surf, rivers or lakes ?

Hello mate!

I usually hunt around beaches in fresh water lakes (there are no rivers in my area and the AT Pro doesn’t really like salt water :sweat_smile:) Water depth around 1,5 M :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. GL&HH

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