In lock down within Gold territory. Dam!

Hi guys!
First Post.

Hey we’re all in lock down. For me, I’m lucky enough to be in lock down around 15km South of Charleston, West Coast, South Island. And I’m armed with a gold pan! The land owner is more than happy for me to have a play around his property but I’m seeking a little advice first.

I know this area is/was rich in black sands/beach gold, but I understand that’s far to fine to pan for, so I’m wondering if gold was ever found in creeks in the area which might be more suitable for panning? Any Alluvial gold? Anyone know?

The mineralogy in this area is simply amazing, every rock is different. I literally could spend all day just looking at the rocks, but I’m keen to find a speck, just one speck - my first speck of gold. That speck.

My house is on the beach and I’ve had a little play in the creeks which come down into the bay - the plato behind us up the hill was all mined back in the day (although I’m having trouble finding out what the gold was contained in and what form it took) so I figure there just must be gold in between the old gold fields up the and the beach down here!

Any tips guys?
Oh, and at the top of the beach on the edge of the sand dunes there’s a heavily oxidised layer - could this be what I’m looking for? I see mention of oxidised layers in some papers. I think that’s in reference to the beach gold thou.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated guys.
Thank you!

Oh, and for the record, I’m in a very very isolated area, no one else is in the bay, the creeks are all on this property. I’m well within my bubble and not putting myself in any danger by playing in these creeks.

mit wont to find out if its some ones claim look it up

Yer, there is a black sands claim here but I think that only relates to the beach? Not to sure how to find out, I’m a new be.

I would have thought having the land owners permission would have been enough?

check with the landowner, he will know if there is any claim on his property . if you pm me as to your location I maybe able to help out as I have been over most of the land down that area. there are pockets of gold in the area but a lot was never lodged at the claim office because at the time it didn’t seem much.

Oh awesome mate, thank you!
The last thing I want to do is step on anyone’s toes. I’ll pm you.

The land owner said I was free to explore but I would like to confirm if there’s any claims here or not.

no coz he dont own wots in the grand


You lucky bastard! Wish I was somewhere I could go out for a safe play.

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Hey Darren,I can’t imagine the claim owner will mind…if keith can find the details of the claim owner online for you,google the name and details and track them down…if its a company or trust name,may be a little more difficult,all those black sand beaches should hold gold…where and how much can only be found out by sampling different areas…the more sand you process in every sample the better,fresh clean water supply is key to processing fine gold,even make up a flume of even water flow over a longggggg…sliuce box like the old timers except we now have new technology with more efficient riffle matts…hog matts …Hungarian riffles matts …dream matts…composite rubber… all designed to capture more fine gold…some pan brands and designs are definitely better than others… test everywhere…upper terraces,low tide level…high tide level…sheltered dunes …exposed flats…good luck …super envious!!

there was a town called brighton on the north banks of the foxs river. estimated population 2800.
from the book " west coast gold rushes" page 221.
the gold was fine and the cement had to be burnt and pounded up with a mullet before amalgamation. working were on the terraces starting 1 mile north of the town. at between 200 to 1000 feet above sea level. in some cases gold was taken of the coal bottom.

this is what I have found so far . refer to my pm for futher imfo.

Was that Mullet Keith as in Haircut or Fish? sorry couldn’t help myself I am board… Ooops Bored…

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im pretty sure that its a fishy here cut or should be haircut . and you use a mullet to hit your self over the head that has a bad hair cut. but the end of the day I was so bored I went out the shed for a board and bored holes in it.

That’s good you cleared that up Keith I had visions of someone with a 70s hairstyle
amalgamating lumps of cement that had been burnt and pounded with a dead fish…
I’m presuming the fish should be humanely dispatched first? or should it be
lightly Smoked over a native forest burn off?

Damn this Virus I am supposed to be up the Coromandel for two weeks hunting specs of the elusive yellow stuff… Now the boss has me fixing the chimney and cutting firewood
(only joking about the burn off).

Saying Coromandel is banned on here! One of my most favourite parts of New Zealand and if I am not actually there then no one else is allowed to be there either! I LOVE the place.

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Unfortunately DOC had already shut down access to most of the Coromandel prior to the Virus because of Kauri Dieback… We better not get into that subject tho

Yes yes get into it - the insanity of University text book experts who have as much brain matter as a stuffed chimpanzee. I really could not believe it when I was in the Waitakaries a while back - I came across this foot disinfection station…now some gormless brain dead dodo would have been paid $100,000 a year to come up with these foot disinfection stations at the beginnings and ends of the tracks (depending on whether you are coming or going!)
I can only assume that the brains of deer, pigs, goats, Possums, Rabbits, hares and flightless birds have all evolved to the degree that they can actually read the sign and dutifully obey the instructions to disinfect their feet, trotters, paws and landing gear.
They will also have to intsal them into the tree tops so birds can disinfect their feet before they fly from tree to tree as well - yeah I know dont tell me…the chance of a flying bird spreading it is two hundred and sixty million to one BUT foot wash disinfection stations are about as much use as haemorhoids - a useless pain in the arse.

Just before the Lockdown I was up the wharekirauponga stream (Coromandel)
I had walked up the stream so didn’t see the DOC “Track Closed to protect Kauri” sign until I came out.
but what I did see in there was that Oceania Gold had built a bloody great platform by the track and were choppering in drilling equipment whilst I was there permit #40598
I’m sure they were taking all precautions and paying DOC a suitable fee…

And whilst we are DOC bashing I stayed at one of my favourite DOC camps the other day with one of those nice smelling long drops, a couple of years ago it was $8-00 then last year it was $12-00 this year its $15-00 Per Person !!! Same smelly long drop the only change is a “No Dogs sign” so “Small Grey and White Dog” cant go now.

my black dog just cant read

There should be NO fee for Kiwis and a fee for tourists


Well bugger my days - that black dog is just as intelligent as me because I cant read either…sometimes!

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