I find gold on your region quickly

I find gold on your region quickly.
I will note lot where to find him on satellite.
I want to earn some money.

I do not need to go anywhere.
I use their knowledge, geological maps,
maps of mineralogical zones and etc.
I am looking geodynamic situation in which
the sources of gold were formed.

example of my maps are marked places to search

Lake Carey in Australia


And i thought i was the only shady one on this forum.

Shady as



Lol :mans_shoe: to the kerb. This guy whacked out on scooby snacks or what?


Apparently hes going to come Russian around your favourite possies and filch your gold. The only gold hes going to find is in the purses of the gullible…and of course there are plenty of them. The closest he will find to a nugget is what he deposits in the porcelain and its all Bull***t


Lol. Can’t argue with that.


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this topic is for serious diggers

They dont get more serious than me buster! There is nothing that you can assist with that can help ANYONE and indeed there are better methods available to assess the viability of any particular area to mine including reports issued by Glass Earth and various other Companies, organisations and Scientific Agencies.
Let us see how good you are - in other words prove yourself by giving a report on the Waipori Goldfields area including Pioneer Stream across to and including Deep Stream, Barbours Creek, Lammerlaw Stream - can you accept this challenge to prove your capabilities? The reason I have chosen this area is because it is away from main stream interests. Now with your research capabilities I am sure that you can locate this area and report accordingly. Any refusal to do so clearly indicates an inability to carry out your promises.


I work for money. on my map is gold in Russia. those maps that were drawn enough.

Haha - you sure are the joker - in other words you want to scam people out of money for something that you cannot prove works - I have given you the opportunity to PROVE that you CAN do what you CLAIM you can do but you do not accept the opportunity to do so. I therefore SUGGEST to all forum members that you are merely here to make money without delivering on a claim that is impossible to fulfill.

You say your map is in Russia - since when was Lake Carey in Australia in Russia or is the blurred image below Lake Carey an undefined spot in Russia. You cant find any more gold for any one on this forum than they can research and find for themselves and not only that but the only gold you are really likely to find is the nuggets you pan from the elephnats arse in the circus you work in.

Now can you PROVE that you are capable of doing what you claim?


Lol, surely if one has the ability to find gold in the manner suggested, they’d keep it to themselves? I do know people who are appalingly good prospectors and generally, you’d never know what they do for a crust. And they like it that way too.

prospector gold pass by, not knowing that it is there. often find that where gold already mined. It is that it is not profitable to produce because it was necessary to get everything at once. new prospector places can be found by chance.

he’s a stubborn twat isn’t he?

dear o dear Userkc, may i respectively suggest you sod off…

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You funny fellow - since animals were banned from the circus I can see that the level of performance of the clowns has declined as well - I gave you a chance to PROVE yourself but you cannot do it - in other words a scam! You might think us Kiwis are push overs but we know fakes when we smell them.

Boot this clown! Before i accidently accept his amazing offer :joy::joy::joy:

oh hell yes…userkc how much for you to find me a spot to prospect im as keen as mustard…we will get rich and run away to the caribbean together with all our gold…? how much?

I replied to a personal e-mail

ok i got your email…cheers…can i see some credentials of some sort?

if you do not find anything, I’ll give you money.

I have a higher geological education in search of oil and gas, graduated from Novosibirsk State University.
I’m 43 years old. busy some year search for gold miners in Russia, USA, Canada, have to turn to me for help.

Please show credentials here - a photo of your qualifications will be easy to show on the site - I assume you do have them? I am actually a Nuclear Physicist but sadly lost the folder with my qualifications and the University has closed down so cannot get copies.

You will refund the money if he doesnt find anything - thats what I say when I am scamming Russians!


any documents there is not, I’m not satisfied with the work and not the employee. all you need is to tear off your lazy butt and go check out the location that will show it!