Hunting with the new machine

Finally got a excal and gave it a test drive over the break looking forward to the first gold


Nice. Anything exciting in the coins?

Was there a boat building yard or similar there in the old days? Nice beach. Good finds.

Coins are all decimals one sixpence the copper nails come from the
Estuary …probably the boat just rotted away as I’ve found quite a few in the same area

Where did 160km get ypu

Down to Ruakaka and Waipu Cove, bust. Then back up and looked at Ocean Beach, and the harbour beaches on the way home.
I reckon teams go around at night with huge superconducting magnets and suck all the goodies out while I sleep.

Stick to the grass I think, it’s much less fickle.

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I think it pays to sus out the spots where people have picnics - get changed - pee, fart and poo and also do nefarious things the latter activities of course involving nakedness and which have a tendency to make me jealous.


Beaches can drive you nuts alright I’ve only been detecting for a year and leared alot from these forums

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I think a detectorist lives at Ocean beach or near. There were a fair amount of people at the beach when I was there, and still not a peep - did you see that fishing rod?
I was planning to go to Waipu Cove. As a child I lived next to the Oil Refinery and even though the beach near the Tanker wharfs is crappy and not popular, I saw a female detectorist as a child - and I bet she found my swiss army knife I lost that day.

Nice little haul there Chris - is that a butterfly?

It is indeed …one of those heart stopping moments till you brush the crap off it’s a kids hair tie I think

Spent an hour on the river at low tide best find was the clay pipe made by Davidson’s in glasgow


What a lot of old knobs…

That clay pipe looks to be turn of century - should have a fairly small hole though the stem.

Yip circa 1861-- 1891 l found a few with the bowl intact in Auckland when I used hunt bottles

Spent an hour in the estuary at low tide pulled one 6d silver very worn half penny and a ???


[quote=“chris, post:14, topic:1504”]and a ???

It’s a padlock :laughing:

Or the disc top right, is off an outboard motor block (Fairly sure)

Like a seagull ? Had me thinking found a fèw brass pieces close by makes sence

If it was anything like the Seagull I used to own, that’ll be thrown in the tide as well.
Looking at the hole in it, it could have been pulled off a stolen motor to avoid ID. I’ve found a couple and they wouldn’t ‘fall off’ easily.

Seagulls rule! They are an ancient motor and I am sure that many of them would have long outlasted the modern equivalent! Actually I am after one for our boat!

I’ve found them a bit like my x wife very hard to start but a little adjustment with the carb gets them going

Quick hunt at low tide by an old wharf a few pennies and a lot of scrap copper a silver ring made my day