Hunting with the new machine

Nice one Chris. HH


Noted the comment about seagulls motors and wife being hard to start and I long since learnt that it is never wise to have just one of anything but to always have a standby…in fact the more standbys the better…within reason.
Think about it from this other perspective…if you like travelling about a lot then it costs heaps to take your ‘seagull motor’ with you so it’s far better to have one waiting at your destination…in fact I have always found that the ones I have at my ‘other’ destinations are always far easier to start!


The different models aren’t compatible though…

Sorry Chris - Back on topic… Another silver :+1: The next gold can’t be far away.

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:beers: and more :beers:



Went and had a quick hunt at a spot not far from here found a few American coins and one French 10c


All the yanks in a spill?

Pretty much under a pohutakawa branch the beach accessed from a private resort the sand had washed out to a 150 mm to hard alas no bling …Hey when’s the next big low tide? wouldn’t mind another buttplate

Under branches always good to catch the change that falls out of pockets as clothes get hung up for the swim…

This months big tide is on the last weekend (25th I think?).

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Low tide hunt this morning found my first token and a Aussie penny have decided to leave old decimal coins in the hole from now for future hunters


I think you should go back to the 250 mate. This new machine is just not working for you…

Excellent result on the token.

Me likes! Love the token. 21 Years ago - hmmm that was 1996 the Auckland token was valued at $8 in fair condition up to $20 in VF condition and yours looks pretty good to me.

Wow they are some neat finds, way to go. Is that Vicky coin actually 1819.

Checkin out that lowest tide time, i’ve got this saturday so the table says. 0.0 low tide 1pm, maybe thats just Kerikeri. Doesn’t make sense but i’ll give it a go anyhows.


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Amazing find. Welldone.

Na the Auckland token is 1871 it has queen vic date of birth on the back good luck for the weekend Hope to have a crack myself

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@ShadyShane 0.0 tide means it’s at the lowest (ie at the datum) - This is THE big tide for this year :fist:

Eat,Sleep and Beep this weekend.

get ready for it boys batteries at the ready,detectors cleaned and pressed.

if thats a 1919 ozzie penny check for dots around the scrolls[ sounds painfull] double dot is a key date coin.

Not the lowest, if you go out just before the Tsunami, you’ll see the fish flopping around. YOU WON’T HAVE LONG THOUGH!

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Bit of hit and miss over the weekend oldest coin a 1907 penny from a beach that normally produces old decs and new stuff speaking of such a wise one pointed out to me if I leave them in the hole I will only dig them again made sence so in the bucket they go .The waterproof watch not so …the brass divider thing to thin for a ruler???


Pretty sure the brass divider thing is the hinge off a chippies folding ruler though. May have been two halves, sandwiching the wood, one of which has separated and drifted away.

Wise one?.. Wise one? You must’ve hunted with someone else yesterday after I headed off…

I admit I used to leave those copper keel strips in the hole with a curse - Until I’d dug the same one for the third time. :confounded: Bag 'em all now.

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