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Homemade Sluice

I saw one with a flare in it some time ago and was suitably impressed but interestingly enough I never ever saw a flare on any historic sluice boxes or in any old photos so its a new consideration…personally I like it.

For those interested, here is the mostly finished Sluice. Folded out the front to give it a flare. After scouting around several chch scrapyards i couldnt find any expanded metal mesh so bought some from Dredgenz. It has deep V rubber matting underneath.
Still have to add a handle and big riffles at some point but they can wait for a bit.
May get to try it out at moonlight this sunday, fingers crossed


Great looking set up…good luck at Moonlight!!

Looks good, you not worried about having a riffel or two in There

Looks a really good job…may you find lots of gold with it and enjoy many happy hours in the great outdoors.

Didnt get out the other week as was far too tired after the tramp.
However, sluice is finished now and have another weekend to tramp (lewis tops) and hit Slab hut and Moonlight.
Added the riffles (weird shape but should work (only size that bunnings had)) so now is complete.


Looks like it will perform well

Despiute the riffle shape I agree with Gavzilla and think it will work well - a job well done.

Rowmoney, sluice looks great. Can I ask where you got that length of v matting?

not to sure why you went with that shape riffles. and the gap under them looks good though

Picked em up from DredgeNZ, (Link below) but I reckon I cut it too short. In hindsight I shoulda covered the whole base with it and bulldog clipped the front end to keep it down.

they were the best option at the time i could find at mitre 10/ bunnings. all others were either too small, too big, hard to attach or expensive.

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Thanks mate, was a while since your post so appreciate the answer

no probs, been visiting more often now that summer has come round again

Youre an expert eh?

Sounds like youre just putting people of diy so you can sell them so.ething.

Aluminium wears out???,well,yes it does but pkease explain why the BIG manufactures use ali for sluices,maybe its becasue its mostly protected from wear by what extras go inside the sluice-matting,ripples,mesh,rifles.

Folding sheetmetal-easy as for a legal sluice size(legal as in proscribed max sizes for public fossicking areas.

For everone with half a brain or maybe even a bit more-just get out and make it.
Tutorial abound on youtube from super simple to complex.

Equipment is not all that fancy-couple bits of angle oron 60x50x6 and 2 clamps and a hammer/mallet.
Mallet is prefered for folding but a jammer works well if you go slow

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Interesting - aluminium wears out? I still have and it is still being used two of NZs very first underwater dredges - now 60 plus years old. They are worn but not worn out and yet they saw an awful amount of use for many years and are still being used today.

As for matting - we only ever used coire matting and it works well. We didnt lose gold ever due to the matting.

Nothing wrong with DIY.


My apologies-sarcasim does not work well in print.

I KNOW aluminium lasts many years as a sluice body AND rifles too

I thought i could source expanded mesh myself in akl when i returned BUT none of the available stuff is good enough.

Pretty expensive and too heavy for a smaller sluice.

I got the last one from Dan a few weeks ago.

If we wanted to we would just go out and buy some gold. Part of the fun is making stuff to collect the gold.

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I dont know about YOU but i have made EVERYTHING except my pan and it cost way less than the gold i got