Homemade Sluice

Listing #: 1765470219 on trademe.
or call me 021535768.

thanks but im looking to make not buy, and listen to tales of others who have gone on the sluice-building journey

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its a buzz to make your own and in my experience easy cleanup is paramount next to catching ability of course……and gold hog mat has served me well in both areas.

Don’t tell me that! I just purchased the same dredge

try some of this matting. it hairy and coarse. I have tried all the hog matting and finding this is great. I have made so many boxes ive lost count. got 4 in my shed at present.


I found it blocking up regardless of how it was set & loosing gold. Bastard of an idea.
Simplicity wins the day everytime.

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so you would suggest ribbed carpet under miners moss,expanded metal and riffles or just expanded metal and riffles on top of carpet?

I don’t touch the moss its to hard to clean
try putting a gate at the top of the box to control water flow, a fold down one this can stop your water flow for inspection of gold content

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That’s the stuff I prefer

Not sure what you were doing wrong with the 3 stage but had no problems whatsoever and this includes areas high in black sands (shotover) . Best sluice for fine gold recovery for a dredge excluding Keene supermax sump dredge hands down

I ran mine for the first time today. Did 4 hrs of a mixture of material. Where was yours blocking?

Under the tray. I was putting a lot of fine stuff through. If the bottom blocks up, the fine gold goes straight through the top & gone. Also takes twice as long to clean up.

Hi Tararua,
Just a quick question, why didn’t you contact us to discuss the problems you encountered since I believe you must have purchased that dredge from us.
As Nasebygold pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with the box but if its not setup properly or you’re overloading it then it won’t work properly. It also looks like you haven’t been in the saddle long enough which explains why you might have made some mistakes and that’s fine, you live and learn but you got to try and prevent mistakes and ask questions to find out what you might have done wrong.

Funny thing is, its not just me. Theres another 4’’ and a 6" that have had the same thing done to them that I know of. Just sayin… . Perhaps none of us have been in the saddle long enough. Or perhaps the box is just overcomplicated.

I echo what’s been said above about the 3 stage. One of the best recovery systems in a dredge period. Beats the Proline and triple side by side sluice designs hands down. Only thing better is a separate sump recovery system as alluded to above. Over complicated yeah nah- if you think it’s over complicated then im not quite sure why you bought a dredge in the first place because there’s a hell of a lot more complicated things with dredging than its sluice box man!

Loading up with fines- The 3 stages are designed to load up with fines in the bottom stage. Perfectly normal!. Basically the design creates a low pressure fluid bed whereby gold falls to the bottom and stratifies ( thats why there is an area of bare aluminium before it hits the riffles). This design helps ensure optimal fine gold recovery.

Put it this way if your in an area of high fine sands and its loading your bottom box then you gota slow down on the material going up your nozzle. Remember you only gota a 4 inch dredge they move F all material anyway! It wouldn’t matter if you had a different sluice box because the same thing is going to happen regardless!

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It might pay to read this if you haven’t done already but most of this Chris has already pointed out to you in his latest post.
Please note that in the Three Stage instructions it should read “move box forward to increase and move backward to decrease the angle”.

Got the body of the sluice sorted, now to find some expanded metal in CHCH, any tips on where to find?
Wanting a piece 70cm long and 25cm wide.
Also thinking of making a hand dredge/yabby pump out of pvc piping

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Do you have a flare for the front? I’d imagine every engineering shop locally would have mesh.

i can bend out the front if need be but i do not have a specialised flare in this design, would that be recommended?
ill ask around them then

You’ll have a lot of trouble trying to get the flow right without a flare of some Discription. You may end up having to stack rocks and plastic sheet to force enough water through in some rivers.