Goldbug 2 features?

My first metal detector was one of these, I still have it. For a Chinese cheapy they look great, are robust, reliable and
actually work to a degree. They find bottle tops, nails etc in superb fashion and they will register a gram sized
nugget when same is rubbed on the search coil. When I saw one advertised on trademe recently I quizzed
the trader whose reply was interesting to say the least. Check the auction for yourselves.

Listing #: 1336252426
Q.These appear cheap for a gold detector. What size small nugget are they likely to find say 5 t0 10 cm below surface level? Even the most junky machine will find a 1/3 oz nugget at that depth, sadly the likely hood of finding them at that size in known areas is likely long gone. Tell me about this machine.
7:42 pm, Thu 1 Jun

A. we get very good feedback from customers who purchase these they do have success finding gold in New Zealand this model has the same features as the Fisher gold bug 2 but is made in China so available at this low cost however the best entry level gold model is the Minelab Gold Monster see my other listings for details 9:19 am, Fri 2 Jun Metal Detector Lafayette Gold Seaker

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They say that you get what you pay for - maybe I should take notice of my own advice here but in all seriousness if you have to rub a gram sized nugget on the search coil my recommendation is 115 grain @ 2400fps @ 100m equals fun and no more frustration and then go and buy a Fisher Goldbug. In four years I have paid my Fisher Goldbug over several times and some of the gold it has located has been very small - they are a good wee detector.

I have seen several El Cheapo Chinese detectors and none of them are worth using for gold though for coins and treasures in shallow ground, parks etc, they are ok - for the kids!

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they should not be allowed to sell them! they are a rip off of the gold bug two and are just rubbish!

I also own a Goldbug and a Goldbug pro. Haven’t done any serious searching for gold as yet though…I need to get a “roundtoit”.

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You will have to get out there and look because if you know what you are doing you can pay them off in no time…a wee bit of knowledge + a wee bit of luck = SUCCESS.

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I once had a roundtoit but cant find it , will get a roundtoit one day to find it

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Ah do you have a spare knowledge detector? I’m pushing 65 so need find the condensed version of knowledge.

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I think the term rubbish is a bit harsh Clark (or his dad) but a Goldbug 2 they are not, and for the trader to state that they have the same features as the Goldbug 2 is misleading advertising at least.
The operating frequencies are, comparatively speaking light years apart. They share a similar looking transfer on the faceplate but that is all…perhaps this is what the trader is truly referring to. lol

Cripey an old codger - I am only 21 - for the 46th time. Knowledge comes from study on the one hand practice on the other and practice makes purrfect.t

I’m still young enough to find the gold I already have, all 1 ounce of it. This though was found below water level almost 20 years ago.
Coins and trinkets are all I find these days. The mining area’s I have visited had no gold that my Goldbug pro and I could detect…a Goldbug 2 might have found some tiny flakes.

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Hi Neil Clark here you know how I feel about those detectors if you spend a wee bit more you get a far better machine it’s hard to find some where or some one that will let you into some good gold country we have had a few specs from my mates place just had no time to get in for a good look

Hi Clark, yes I do know what you think of them, but you will recall I upgraded to Goldbugs. Did your dad ever get his stolen pro back?
Have you guys found any really interesting goodies of late?

Pro was never found but it should turn up one day as it was a distinct machine we have found some awesome stuff including gold but I have not been out for a month or two how about you

Probably shouldn’t clutter up this site with personal jabber. Give me a ring if you will…I’ll behave.

I have a Minelab Xtreme and my son has found many many ounces of gold with it BUT the tone confuses me and I have found Ziltch, nothing, nichego BUT he has given up using it in favour of a humble Goldbug - not a Goldbug Pro nor a Goldbug 2 but simply a ‘Goldbug’ - Both he and I have one and mine has been swimming three times and both of us have paid them off just not far from Dunedin several times over…I cannot recommend them more.
A friend has a Turkish Macro Gold Racer and I think it might even have the edge over the Goldbug and when I can afford it (cough cough) I will get one…

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You’re dead right, they have tried to copy everything to make it look like a Fisher Gold Bug. I can’t understand why Fisher doesn’t take any action. Not long ago I reported about some chinese copies of Minelab GPX machines on the internet and they were eventually taken down. So you are correct, they should not be allowed to sell them but they were in the spot light before here on paydirt as far as I remember.

I suspect you are amalgamating my original post with another’s (Steptoeandson).
When I purchased mine, for a vastly, much, much, much cheaper price, than the current trademe dealer is offering them,
it was a pretty good deal for what it was, compared to other crap…and still would be for the price that I paid. The current trademe
dealer is grossly misrepresenting them I believe. The Chinese look alike is something akin to all cheapies, ie no more than 6 to 7 ish khz,
whereas the real deal Goldbug 2 is up in the 70’s I believe… If the dealer is actually falsely representing them…is this not illegal? If so, this should be bought to trademe’s notice.

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Should you wish to compare the Macro against the Goldbug Pro, I will gladly lend you my Pro.
It would be good to see how it compares re finding gold against the standard Goldbug.
The Pro seems better than my standard Goldbug at finding coins etc, though this may have been my inexperience back then.
I am in Dunedin also…

Oh Sorry, you WERE replying to steptoeandson. my bad.

I have a friend with a Macro and I am actually thinking of buying another Goldbug as I have a great deal of faith in them…believe me. I also have both an early Whites 6000 and an early Garrett Deepseeker and the latter two are coin machines though heavy and the gold bug and Minelab Xtreme for gold.