Goldbug 2 features?

Correct, but probably my mistake, must have pressed the reply arrow in the wrong place.

Now here is a downright misrepresentation from the trader
who has relisted the machine. Listing #: 1341484225

Q. Hi, do you know what frequency this runs at? Thanks
mcpete (257 positive feedback) 11:59 am, Fri 2 Jun
A. 71KHZ 12:07 pm, Fri 2 Jun

oops…the Q and A are from the listing just finished, not the new listing.

I have a near new Goldbug basic version which I no longer use if you are interested.

At the moment I am sort of ‘out of dollars’ so cant afford anything. My truck just had $4125 spent on it - and that was OUCH!

hi lamerlaw
one day you will learn to get that old landie of yours going. caz even drives a triumph 2.5 1970. easy and cheap for parts. rego cheap as.

Hi Keith - hey my Landie is a relic - David wanted to restore it - maybe, perhaps, possibly one day. It was my NEW Toyota that I brought down from Auckland that blew head gasket and cost so much $3000 plus I had just put on new tyres $1250 - hope your worlds going well buddy. Heading to Auckland in a few days to escape the weather and go to two gun shows.

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You will have to get out and find some more gold to pay for the head gasket then the restoration of the land rover there will be a few ounces in that job!

Maybe one day - have had my share of gold and now days just play around and as for the Landrover I really dont care about it as I see it as a waste of my time when I could just keep an eye on Trademe and buy another one for half the cost of restoration - maybe one day I might sell it if son doesnt want it.

Yea it’s always cheaper to buy one someone else has spent the money on but they are a good old bus and it’s good to see them stay in families as for the gold we are only just getting into it hoe there is still a we bit out there for us

There is more there for you than was ever taken out - trust me! Your share awaits you…a bit of homework, faith and hard work and success can only be yours.

That’s a good way of looking at it we are looking it’s good to have a very good mate that owns some good gold bearing land that has been to hard in the past but with some modern technology should produce well

Well you need to go and have a look and see what you can find - and if you dont succeed then try and try again. As an eleven year old I spent two weeks at Arrowtown and never found a thing so I went back the next year and am not sure if I did or did not find anything but the year after that I think it was I found a quarter of an ounce in one little crevice - and from there never looked back…you just never give up.

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Got to love the Chinese bashing -

Here is some useful information put out by Mr Keith Southern who has been used as a BETA tester for both Fisher & Makro/Nokta detectors - Its old, however still relevant if you think the GoldBugs are the only way to go -

"Racer is more sensitive to smaller gold than the AT-GOLD…even the Gold Bug pro is not quite as hot on small gold as the Racer…

Funny the Racer is on 14Khz and the Multi purpose gold machines are on 18-19khz but they still are not quite as hot…

Hard to believe…

The CoRe is slightly hotter than the Racer…


Since those tests were carried out Nokta has released their FORS GOLD+ & FORS Relic & Makro with their Gold Racer & Racer2 - All four should be better than the FORS CoRe which is hotter on small gold than the GoldBug Pro - NOT taking anything away from those Fishers, however there are quite a few options available now for those wanting a good VLF prospecting detector -

As for that apparent Chinese knockoff of the GoldBug 2 - Come on really? - It doesn’t even come close to looking like the Fisher - That claim is about as hysterical as the MD3010ii being a copy of the Garrett Ace -

Surely it cant be that hard to spot the difference -

Finally, if the guy selling the Chinese gear is telling BS to make a sale, then simply go to a reliable Dealer who doesn’t BS up people for the sake of a sale - There are actually a couple of good NZ Dealers who recommend the best unit for the persons needs, even if they have to point them to another dealer to make sure they get the right gear for the job -

I am not sure you get the point of the initial posts. The well known trademe dealer was suggesting his Chinese offering provided the same software\hardware as the Fisher Goldbug 2. False! ie fraud.
You and I, plus the other wise folk on site would not buy from this shyster thinking they were purchasing the real article. Not everyone is thus adequately well informed though. Beginners might be fooled into thinking they were getting/buying something they were not. When I purchased my cheap Chinese “Gbug2 lookalike” for $120.00 it was, for that price a good deal compared to the other Chinese rubbish then offered. I understood it wasn’t a ‘tiny gold’ finding machine, and for the money it worked very well for a basic machine. I am still reluctant to part with it. The trademe dealer is offering them for almost 3 times what I paid for mine and implying they are identical in their capability to the GB2 which they are not. I have, as will trademe, his confirmation that these detectors are effectively the same machine, but his offering, being produced in China is cheaper. Trademe should act against this fraudulent dealer.
Regarding the Nokta machines, I have heard they are excellent, as a quality, modern machine should be. Fisher, would/will need to produce something updating the aging Goldbug series to compete…Looking forward to that.