Gold or pyrite?

Hay guys found this a while back in the bedrock, I just chipped out a bit but there was more. It gave an ok signal with the minelab sdc2300.
What do you think?

Well, is the rock heavier than expected (that is a sign of gold/silver).
Silver often shows up as a very dark grey.
Pyrite can be gold looking but that is often very native crystals. I see blue there, that would fit pyrite as it can have a range of colours.
Smash it, them put it in a gold pan. Smelt it.

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Looks like chalcopyrite (Coloured stuff) and pyrite (Brassy looking stuff) but well worth checking under a loupe or microscope.

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Scratch it with a pin or knife. if it falls away then its most probably Pyrite.


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It could be a number of things - firstly the main rock might be Manganese ore but without seeing it first hand I do not know - if found Skippers then possibly. Somemanganese ore if rubbed under fingers canmake fingers a little dirty eg Taieri Mouth Manganese (not the pink Rhodonite form though) Could be Illmenite as well OR a number of other things. The Yellow ore appears to be Chalcopyrite which is an ore of Copper or Copper pyrites and if it has blue, purple and other flashes of colour it could be Bornite or peacock ore which is chemically nearly the same as Chalcopyrite but oxidises to a nice rainbow hue. The yellow/white looking mineral could also be Arsenopyrite - take some and roast it over a burner - if it smells like Almonds then that is what it is.
To fond out if it is gold scratch with the end of a pair of scissors or similar - if it just gouges and gets deformed a little but bits dont really scratch off then likely could be gold, if it crumbles under the poin tof the blade and floury bits get scratched out then it is pyrites in one form or another.

Hope that helps rather than confuse.

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try burning it if it burns it might be coal. joke aside it dose look interesting
hi there lammerlaw

Hi Keith - hope your being a good boy haha - 160lb pig shot on my place today and the biggest stag I have ever seen about 6 months ago - be passing your way Jan/Feb or when ever

hi look forward to your visit if you have time to pop in . I’m retired now so have plenty of time to take you up the hill just one of the local places I play and only 20km from home


Hey I am jellyarse - Looks like my sort of country - when I am on the road I will be travelling light so no gear and probably no firearms unless I buy one as I bought an old HiLux in Auckland and driving it home on the Tiki Tour Highway via god knows where - Coromandel maybe, Waiouru, Takaka, where ever, up your way, down south and so on until eventually I get there. I have been spending time up north - its warmer! Its more fun! More to see! More to do! Its warmer (again) and it costs less to fly to Auckland airport than it does to drive Iron Horse to my place for a day trip. As for being retired - my lackadaisical attitude toward work and the expectations of others seems to dictate that I am more unreliable, useless, and scatterbrained than I ever was.
I thought I put the pig pic on but it doesnt show so trying again - I am still trying to fathom this site out - being technologically dyslexic and retarded it took me ages to learn how to switch my computer ON and anything more complex than that is nearly impossible.
I will get in touch later when I am going to be on road - unless you want to come down sometime and have a look on my place.

nice piggy. very nice . we could turn this into a hunting forum might get a little more interesting than what has been coming up lately.
I cant get work as I dont take life seriously, I always thought life was for having fun and laughing at things. one day I will grow up and act my age. don’t hold your breath.

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Hey we should never have met as the disease is contagious and you must have caught it from me and you are supposed to be working to pay more tax to pay support an increase in my superannuation - also of course ever since I became religious and discovered that it was a sin to work I have done my best to remain within the bounds of my religious doctrines. Like the Possums - I have had a few lately but havent gone looking for them - sons dog chases them out. Where the silver grays - they seem unusually dark compared with the ones I get

good to hear you have the same church down there. hope you don’t let homos in. like john in south Auckland. had a little job to do up the back a couple of weeks back boss told me to take the rifle the job only lasted a week

just for the hell of it both the goat and pig were good eating terrible place to live on the coast

I like it and let me guess - you took Big Bertha to blast it - struth let me guess .45-70

I have been trying to get me a pig with my 50–70

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As for your black pig - yes I saw it about a couple of years ago when I frightened it out of the tussocks - it had a twin which I shot and the one you got was running so fast in your direction I fathomed that it would be over the great divide within a week or two so glad to see you got it


yes here she is beside the goat the other day also meat in the tree. love the action shoot hard to get a good shelfie

the dog looks like a real pig dog not like mine

That dog in my photo cant kill anything now because it dead at the moment. It was a nice dog to. Like the rifle - always did have a soft spot for Marlins.

yea dog in my photo has also gone to the happy hunting ground. never mind move on to a great dane that’s so soft , but it dose get cats that come in and shit in my garden

Was wondering when you would show up again. Nothin like a bit of GOLD (or Pyrite) to bring everyone together.
Nice rifle, better get my as down there soon.
Good to see you here.