Gold or pyrite?

Kill a cat save a Bellbird - a really nice garden - Your just too civilised Keith - I was never tamed enough to grow anything other than weeds, gorse, broom and thistles - see my gardening skills - everythings going brown just when the lovely pretty yellow flowers are supposed to bloom!


Hi Shane - Being here on the site might be temporary depending on the company but will wait a while and see - it will be sporadic due to my Kiwiland wanderings - yes come on down though I am going to be up that way mid December and for part of January - you aim to get down mid February and pan/dredge yourself some gold - success guaranteed. PS bring dancing girls!


Ok Thanks for all the input lol love the hunting pics as well. looks like its pyrite when I scratched it with a knife it flaked off like dust…

Aw thats a shame but I still think its a great specimen and well worth having - I like it - just goes to show the old saying that everything that glitters is not gold.

I like the goat - its got a nice horn spread. Once saw one forty years ago and its horns had got tangled in the native scrub and I guess it starved to death - that was up Blue Cliffs at Otaio Gorge - the skull ended up I think mounted in the shearing shed - doesnt pay to get too horny - hmm.

I cannot bet without seeing it but if I would not be at all surprised if it was Chalcopyrite in Manganese dioxide.

heres the other side…its got a band of iron thru the rock that I think what was giving the signal on the detector…

and here is what it should look like if it was gold…

Hard to say because you have to examine these things first hand to really know. As for the second water worn pebble - well that does look like gold.

“water worn pebble”:sob: thats the biggest bit of gold I have ever found…

I like it - what does it weigh? Its actually a great specimen BUT its size in a photo without a comparison piece is deceptive.

nice little stone. and gold in pan. good to see you keeping in the theme of things with the goat . good set on it as well
a good wife will always come for a walk when you go goat shooting

its about 16 grams all up …I think it worked out to be 13 grams gold , I still have it and will NOT be crushing the gold out any time soon, its very cool.

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A good old .303 - I once bought and hid from myself 20 boxes of CAC ammo - I found them the other day and the price on each box is marked $4.84. Actually I just bought a .303 bitzer sporter the other day for $50 off the shop shelf and trying to sell it - price $2000 - if I dont sell it I will show it to you one day. It mag is longer than the one in your rifle but only holds 8 cartridges!

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It IS a nice one and a good weight - dont ever crush it for the gold - a grand specimen and well worth keeping.

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