Gold monster outing and detecting

Hey chaps I have written a wee review of yesterday’s trip with the Gold monster. Posted here Gold Monster Outing And Review - Minelab Metal Detectors -


Great report Mathias, keep them coming!

Thanks… It’s a good detector. It does the best a VLF can.

Here’s some of the footage from the day, not going to quit the day job and become a cameraman, excuse the production values.


Hey Mathias, What sorta depth does this machine have on certain targets air testing?
Cheers, H

I didn’t try doing any air tests with the machine. Will try some next time I’m out with my mate. In theory though this detectors strong point will be it’s ability to detect smaller gold than most detectors.


Hi Darren,I noticed that you guys are using the Minelab SDC 2500 in the vid,looks good!!,I have seen the reviews online but can you tell me if they are any good in the field,any good as a mid range detector? they look like they would work well tracking down gold in creives and under drops n waterfalls is this the way to go? Should I buy in NZ or US?Cheers Mal

Hey Mathias,looks like the GM 1000 is pretty sensitive to finer gold ,do you think it would be as robust in the water as the SDC 2300?The prices are comparable but would be good to track down the finer gold if it could handle the wear and tear of stream detecting in crieves ,waterfalls etc…what do you think?cheers Mal

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SDC2300 is a very good machine out in the field, being a PI detector it works differently to a VLF detector.

-Idiot proof (two dials, one to turn it on, one to turn up and down sensitivity, that’s it)
-Goes deeper on larger targets than a VLF machine
-Resistant to hot rocks
-Will find smaller gold than other PI machines
-Folds up small enough to fit inside most backpacks

-Falses in and out of water
-C-cell batteries fit loose and the machine will turn itself off and on if knocked
-No volume control, factory koss supplied headset is very quiet, external speaker isn’t much louder
-Will not find smaller gold at short distances than a Goldbug 2 or GM-1000
-Only one coil option, and 8" is big for where we work (boulder chocked streams)
-No discrimination, this machine cannot tell the difference between a half ounce nugget and a half ounce steel nail.

I have had a Garrett AT gold, with waterproof headphones and I didn’t find any gold in the bottom of rock pools, anything that blows out boulders tends to have a bedrock bottom that has been worn smooth and smooth bedrock doesn’t trap gold.

Mathias found gold within 5 minutes of turning it on, it’s easy to use, you just need to put it over some ground that has gold in it and it will tell you that there is gold there.

Buy from Chris at DetectNZ, he’s our NZ minelab dealer and gives the best customer service if you have any issues with the machine, I found his prices the same as what you would get shopping around Australia and the US for the best deal and getting stung for GST at customs on the way in, so it was easier to just buy locally and get local support.


Thats awesome thanks for that,lots of good info to consider there .Much appreciated Darren:ok_hand:

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Hi Mal,

Just in case you want to compare prices for the SDC 2300. There’s not just one Minelab dealer here in NZ you could approach. We do stock these models too and we have used them in past as many of our clients have. Question is whether you are prepared to spend an extra $2,600 for the SDC 2300 vs. the GOLD MONSTER 1000. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to give me a call. Cheers /

Yes thanks for that,yes the Gold Monster does look like a good entry level detector for guys like me just starting out detecting and at $1150 its a good entry level price too.Will probably be in touch at a later date,cheers Mal

I have to say that the team at DredgeNZ are nothing short of amazing when it comes to customer service - I certainly will buying from Dan again -

As for the Gold Monster being an ‘entry level machine’ - I disagree

Its a lightweight powerful VLF Gold Detector capable of satisfying the most seasoned hunter and the price reflects the current trend in the metal detecting industry we are currently witnessing. Simply, the price of high end equipment have decreased significantly in recent times due in part to the likes of Nokta - Makro - and other new manufacturers entering the market -

If a Fisher GB Pro / Teknetics G2 retails for around a $1000 and they are not regarded as ‘entry level’ I do not think the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 should be either -

Cheers - I hope this helps


Mal, our hottest deal of the week


Wow scorching hot deal. All the best with sales, sure to be some takers. I like it . For my line of thinking it would be the cost of two days adventure and get the Gold monster . Massive bonus .

Haha, don’t think you can use a dynamite emoji anymore.

Thanks Cam.
The deal we are offering until next Sunday is two days detecting on our Moke Creek claim which is directly behind Queenstown. See

The two days detecting would have to be “redeemed” before December 1st 2017.
There is no access by car to the claim unless you booked a very basic accommodation at Seffers town with the station owner from Ben Lomond, see

The hut at Seffers town is only a short drive from our claim. 4x4 access only.

Seffers town is the place where Barry Crump used to stay when he was mining Moke Creek.

The proof that he didn’t get everything is here GOLD DREDGING MOKE CREEK NEW ZEALAND 2013 - YouTube

and this here is from our claim a few years ago FINDING GOLD !! - YouTube

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Outstanding! Funny I had just watched the Moke creek video earlier today and was amazed at all those finds But that 2009 video floored me, I’ve never seen anything like that. Thanks for the share.

Aaaarrrrr man that’s a good deal Dredgenz,by my calculations you would only need 21.5 grams to pay this baby off at current gold price!!
(Can I pay it off in random gold installments…lol!!)
I must have watched that footage of Moke Creek a dozen times now,sounds like a great set up, some nice chunky flakes there and not much black sand either.
Regardless I think I will unfortunately have to give your order by Sunday deal a miss…for now at least.Arrhh darn it!

As I mentioned on the phone my wife wont be finishing her cancer treatment (chemo) until early November so I’ll be working part time and not going anywhere until then, should be all sweet by the end of the year so will definitely invest in a GM for the upcoming season.
I’m sure you will still be able to look after me then and the gold will still be in the ground,family first …gold second …cannot wait to get back out there!!
Thank goodness for paydirt and youtube to keep me sane and the gold fever burning!!
Thanks again Dredgenz

Hi Mal

Sorry to hear about the Mrs man - I hope things go well for you all -

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Whoohoo I’m going!! Is this where HammysGold is situated?