Gold monster outing and detecting

No worries Mal. Your wife comes first and I keep my fingers crossed that the chemo will do its job. Once she has taken that hurdle just give me a call. Phone number is on our website. All the best to both of you.

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Yes, Moke Creek used to be one of Hammy’s “territory” but he had lots of places where he went “hunting”. Great bloke and story teller!

Goldbug pro is definitely an entry level machine, I have never heard anyone refer to it as anything but an entry level gold detector, I would (personally) also go one further and refer to it as a bare minimum of machine for anyone who intends to head to a goldfield and actually stand a chance of walking away with something.

Congrats on your purchase.

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Wish they would gift me one!!
[/quote] @Kazza monster wins

Bet I know what your next wish is.

Thanks Cam looking forward to it! Will be magic to get away for a couple of days will have to try and get on a property I worked on in Central a few years back …

Yeah thanks for that,yes will do,prognosis is very good thanks to the fact we have the best health system in the world!!
Will catch up with you later in the year…cheers

Thanks eSCANz,yep she’s coming right,lucky we live in NZ with good health care,will never complain about paying my taxes again.

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Well that’s a matter of opinion -

You are obviously comparing pulse induction metal detectors with VLF’s

Two entirely different gold prospecting units -

Gold Bug is NOT an entry level Gold detector as it was one of the best VLF Gold Prospecting units when it was released - That’s like saying a GPX 5000 is now an entry level unit - How about the new Makro/Nokta Gold detectors?

Are they entry level too? -

I understand a little about where you are coming from as I suppose most of the hard core gold prospectors here & in Aussie use PI’s but that hardly makes the top shelf VLF’s, entry level.

But that’s how I see it and opinions are just those - Obviously we see things a little different - Of course if you hunt goldfields a PI has an advantage but if you hunt mining camps fill of rubbish, your entry level Gold detector will be a far better choice

PI - top shelf GPZ 7000
VLF - top shelf units / too many to list but they are certainly not classed as ‘entry level’ by most of the people who sell, review and use them.

As for bare minimum, you are way off the mark as gold can be found with almost any detector depending on conditions (ground conditions/size of gold/frequency of detector etc).

Still, I am sure there has been many a prospector spanked by someone using one of those ‘bare minimum’ detectors running against the mighty PI’s - I know who would have the biggest grin in the pub after their hunt.

Mal - Great news man -

Serious question, So whats the Gold Monster like as a coin detector?

Loved the Moke Creek video.
My Uncle the late Charles Thomas averaged 18 ounces for every two week holiday he had at the Moke. He operated from his crib in Arrowtown. He also used to go up the Arrow of course and my last trip with him up the Arrow yielded six ounces, January 1978.
Alas on his last day diving with me we had retrieved 1.5 ounces (not Moke or Arrow but Deep Stream) he collapsed and then died in hospital so his Moke Creek trips ended in1978.
Once again a great video…loved seeing the gold in the crevice…brings back memories and the nuggets reminded me of a few days in the Arrow.

Well thats a hell of a way to go…good on ya uncle Charles…better than passing away in your sleep from boredom in a retirement home ,aye…any nuggies left in the Arrow river Lammerlaw? Or did it all get covered over in overburden in the big floods?

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I think theres untold there. The exact spot was about 1k up from Scoles tunnel. About 1970 he got 8 ounces under the Arrow River bridge.
Yes the Arrow and Shotover are still rich…every now and again, as I am sure you know, someone strikes it lucky at one or another of those places.